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On many occasions I've been rushing through the school hallways, trying to get to my next class and I find myself trying to catch my balance, bumping into others or frantically trying to pick up my supplies which have now landed on the floor. All this happens just because of some ignorant kids shoving or pushing others. As I regain my balance, I want to shout some nasty word and then I realize: Why should I get angry? What good does that do? Will it change the actions of the person who did me wrong? Maybe, but with the way some kids act, chances are low. Chances are they'll laugh and joke about my anger with their friends.

Every one of us has experienced anger. There are those times when you just want to scream someone or punch them in the face. Maybe your sister took something from your room without asking. Maybe some kid stole your calculator in math class. When this happens you probably begin to feel the anger take over you. Sometimes anger can get the best of us. We don't think because we are so angry, then we say something we regret. Hopefully after making the mistake of allowing your anger to control you, you learn from your mistake and don't let it happen again.

Today at school I was sitting at a table in the cafeteria with my friends. I had my binder set in front of me. All of a sudden, someone sitting on the floor above me dropped a goldfish cracker down onto the table. It cracked open and made a huge mess all over my binder. I wanted to run upstairs and find the kid who did it. I wanted to shout so many things that would get me sent to the principal's office. But I didn't. Then 5 minutes later, someone, probably the same person, chucked a penny down at us. I started to get even angrier. Inside my head I kept telling myself, "Don't blow up with anger. Stay calm. Clean up the goldfish." I never knew who threw the stuff at me but I never got angry either, I kept calm.

The next time you're in a situation when you feel the need to get violent or raise your voice make sure you remind yourself that getting angry doesn't help. I know that kids can be jerks. I know they can be ignorant. I mean seriously, throwing a goldfish cracker down at someone you don't even know? How idiotic can you get? Nobody wants to see the angry side of you who makes mistakes. I'm sure you don't either.

It's also important not to keep your feelings bottled up inside you. If you're mad, don't resort to violence or yelling. Talk to the person who infuriated you, or an adult. There are better ways to handle things than using fowl language or hurting others. Don't sink to the level of the person who wronged you.


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