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The After Party: Part 1

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I couldn't believe my eyes. Aednat was gone. In her place, a little purple pansy, her favorite flower. "Wh-what?" Damon said in an almost whisper, picking up the flower and staring at it like it wasn't real. Nothing felt real. Everything was falling apart all around me. My friend had turned on us and now my other friend is dead?! This couldn't be right, it just couldn't. My knees gave out and I feel to the floor next to Damon.

"This isn't real," I tried to convince myself. I shook Damon, "This can't be real!" The tears burst out of my eyes as he grabbed hold of me.

"Mary, we know that wasn't supposed to happen," he sounded like he was trying to convince himself more than he was trying to convince me. "But she, she's probably just playing a joke on us. She isn't really gone." He turned and picked up the flower again.

"What in the name of corn on the cob is goin' on around here?" A familiar voice asked us. It was the boy's dorm adviser, Nathan. There was no one more redneck than he was.

Nathan gave us a peculiar look and then looked around the room. "Damon? What's goin' on man? Are you okay?" He looked back at me. "Where's Nit?" I just stared back. "Answer me, Mary! Where is my sister?"

"She's gone," I mumbled.

"Gone, like out to the town?"

"No," Damon said. "She's gone. You know like - " He didn't have the ability to finish talking, Nathan's hands were wrapped around his throat.

"What did you do to my sister?!" Nathan rumbled through clenched teeth. I grabbed hold of his arms and pulled him off of Damon.

"Nothing, he didn't do anything!" I screeched. "It was that boy that you liked so much more. It was Jonathan, he killed your sister.?"Nathan looked dumbfounded and sat down on the floor. I just examined him. Gosh he was so beautiful! I wouldn't tell anyone that, we were too different. "You know, you and Aednat don't look anything alike, but you act just the same." He gave me a half laugh, half sigh sound.

"Really, guys, I need to know what happened. Why is my sister . . ." He didn't have to finish. We all knew what he was talking about. "And why is Jonathan at fault?" I went into full detail, not even forgetting to mention the falling out with Katlyn.

"Wow, all this happened before the first day was even over?" He shook his head. "You guys sure know where to find the drama. Its official, kids, we're getting our Nit back," Nathan said with a determined look. Damon and I stood at the same time.

"How in the world will we do that?" Damon said while I mumbled, "Impossible," at the same time.

"Not entirely. Did either of you happen to hear what Jonathan said when they cast the spell? That could give us a lead. Maybe they only banished her like you banished them? If they can come back, why can't Aednat?"

"But they even said that it was a spell to kill!" Damon said, not letting himself believe this hope that Nathan was giving us.

Annoyance showed in Nathan's blue eyes. They were the only trait that he and his sister shared. "Well aren't you just a steaming hot pile of pancakes. It is possible that they weren't telling the truth, youngling." I gave a small laugh. I couldn't help but being in love with this 5'7" blonde haired boy, even if he was 2 years older and an 8th novice. "Alrighty, here's what were gonna do . . ."


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