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The Puppy Search: Part 2

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This past week I have continued my search for the perfect puppy. My close friends have this breed, so I thought I'd do some research. Their dog is always loving, happy and playful. Plus, it is really beautiful. This breed is a little bit bigger than the bichon frise, but still not too big. The next breed that I'd like to share with you is the boxer!

The boxer is known as being one of the most playful breeds. They are always up for a good romp outdoors, a game of catch, or a good old boxing match (they are very active with their front legs)!

Boxers typically have trimmed tails, but that does not prevent them from showing their happiness. They'll just shake their whole behinds! I have seen this first hand and it is very entertaining!

The boxer is an athletic dog with a sturdy build. The average weight is around 60 pounds. There are three different colors: fawn, brindle and white. They require a lot of attention and exercise; they love the outdoors!

Boxers do not need a lot of grooming, which is helpful on the wallet . . . but they do shed (not helpful on keeping the house clean). You also have to clean out the wrinkles on their face, because they can get infected. With their short coat and wrinkled face, they are best in moderate climates that aren't too cold or too hot.

Generally they are good for families, but because they are a bit bigger and very excitable, they might knock down a baby if you aren't paying attention. I have also seen this first hand, but don't worry, the baby was okay -- but the dog got put outside!

Sadly, they have a high rate of cancer. That scares me because my sister's dog just had to be put down for bone cancer.

They do seem like a great pet! I will definitely keep them in mind as I keep up the search.

Author's Note: Sources: http://puppydogweb.com/caninebreeds/boxers.htm


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