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Hang In There

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To all of you who are being bullied, there is someone who loves and cares about you. If not for your sake, then for the sake of those that love you, or that will love you, take care of yourself.

Do not let those jerks get you down any longer because one day you will find someone or something that will bring you so much happiness that you will forget the days that you were tormented and hurt. Never give up hope. You can make it through the hardest times with hope and perseverance.

Remember you are not alone. Even when you feel like the only person on Earth, remember there is someone going through the same thing. You have a purpose. Don't let those jerks get in the way of your dreams or your life.

For those of you that may be bullied in the future, remember what has been said to those that are being bullied right now. Have hope. Get help. Do not give up.

To those of you who have been bullied, people are more than glad that you met them, that you didn't throw your life away to escape what was then a horrible time in your life. Sincere happiness goes to you and your accomplishments. You are a survivor. And hopefully you use your wisdom gained from your hardships to help others who are being bullied.

But to those who have not made it through the cruel words and actions of others, may you rest in the peace you never got to have. May your stories be heard and save the lives of others, whether it may be by influencing a bully to stop or by helping a victim to realize that they have a purpose in life.

To the bullies out there who take pride and enjoyment in torturing these people, many hope that you realize the damage you are doing to their souls, hearts, and personalities. Many hope that you see that what you do is not nice at all and can really hurt someone, to the extent that they could actually commit suicide. Open your eyes.

Whether it's because you are gay, sick, overweight, or different, you do not deserve to be bullied. Have hope. For yourself and for the people who have the fortune to know you or the fortune to meet you one day.

Hang in there.


Author's Note: If you are being bullied, please get help from a parent, counselor, or someone you trust. They can help you. You are not alone.


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