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The Dog Bite

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I recently just got out of the hospital. I was attacked by my aunt's dog. It left a scar on my face that reminds me of that day every time I look in the mirror.

I was laying in bed at my aunt's and I dropped my cell phone. I went to go and pick it up when out of nowhere it came at me. I was shocked, unable to move an inch.

My mom hearing the noise came right over to my side and asked if I was okay. I couldn't even think so I just turned to her and that's when my mom started screaming and crying. I started to cry too, while asking what was wrong.

She grabbed my jacket and rushed me to the hospital. The nurses there quickly took me back and I kept asking what was wrong, but the only answer I got was that everything was going to be okay. Then I finally saw my reflection. The dog had bitten threw my cheek and blood was running down my face. I cried not knowing if it was real.

Then when everything calmed down, they glued my face up and my mom sat next to me still crying. I leaned to my mother and told her everything happens for a reason, so don't cry, everything is going to be okay.

I meant every word I told her and I knew the whole three days in the hospital that everything would be okay. In the hospital, I realized how everything can change in a second. I learned an important lesson you can only learn by experience -- that even if you think your life stinks, in a second something like this could make you realize how lucky you really are.


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