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A Very Potter Halloween

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It was Halloween night, and as the dead came out to play, two girls, Cassidy and Lizzy, were getting ready to go, ah, what's it called? That's right, trick-or-treating.

Suddenly, a great idea came to Lizzy! It was perfect!

So, happy, as, well, whatever's super-awesometastically-amazingly happy, Lizzy and Cassidy headed out to begin their night of chills and thrills.

The first stop was City Hall's house. To Cassidy and Lizzy's disappointment, City Hall was not at home. They had been hoping to debate a important issue regarding Harry Potter with her.

Even though City Hall was gone, she had left a big bowl of candy with a note. The girls decided to check out the note for themselves. Maybe City Hall had been kidnapped! They might find her, and win keys to the city! Or something like that.

So, they checked the candy bowl. To their disappointment, there weren't any Red Vines!

The girls, always ready for anything, quickly came up with a plan of revenge!

The girls quickly ran home, grabbed their toilet paper, and headed back to City Hall's house. They put the toilet paper all over. As they congratulated themselves on the cleverness of their revenge, they heard sirens. Knowing this could only mean trouble for them, Lizzy and Cassidy ran over to City Hall. When they reached City Hall, they noticed that a very creepy person had been stalking them all along.

The girls were now seriously creeped out. Some babbling woman was following them! They could be in danger! What will happen next?

I hope you enjoyed the first part of our new comic. If you want to read more, check back next week, for "A Very Potter Halloween: Part 2"!

-Cass402 and Meluvme29


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