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Save a Life or Two This Winter

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Winter is coming fast. In fact, it's already here where I live. There is snow covering everything. I know that I feel cold inside with my winter jacket, mittens, and boots, but can you imagine what it feels like for people who don't have anything to wear in winter, or that have no warm house to go to? Well, there are some ways you can help!

To Help Animals:

- Donate food and toys to humane societies and pet stores.
- Build a cat house (be sure to include warm blankets and food).
- Notify your humane society when you see a stray wandering around

To Help Children:

- Donate clothing.
- Donate toys.
- Participate in "Shoebox Christmas", which many stores host. You fill a shoebox with toys and the store will send it to children in other countries.

To Help the Homeless:

- Donate clothing.
- Donate money.
- Give food to food banks.
- Volunteer in soup kitchens.

To Help Online:

- Spread the word on what others can do to help. - Visit websites like http://www.clicktogive.com/ and http://www.freekibble.com/.

ClickToGive is a website where each time you click, sponsors donate money and food to each charity! And, another great thing about it, is that if you sign up, every time you click you get points, which can eventually get you prizes! FreeKibble is a website that features a trivia question about dogs and cats. It doesn't matter if you get the question right, the website will still donate 10 pieces of kibble to animals! Plus, you'll learn some interesting facts about animals.

If you have any extra money lying around, donate it to the charity of your choice!

Thank you!
- Devildayz


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