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Living It Out

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As we all know, the holiday Thanksgiving (for some of us) is coming up! Amazing food, seeing friends and family, and having fun is always great. The turkey, the stuffing, and the pumpkin pie are just some of the great dishes. But, what's really the main dish? Well, many people, including me, always say what they are thankful for. Family, food, shelter, and clothing are among the topics.

Every year, I go to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving. We eat an amazing fried turkey that my uncle makes for us every year. But, just a few months ago, my aunt and uncle broke up. It was hard to take in. So, a few weeks ago, I started wondering, 'Why do things have to change?' and of course, 'What will we do without fried turkey?!'

Well, I've figured out why things have to change. Without change, the green leaves of summer wouldn't turn into the crisp and beautiful leaves of autumn, and the crisp leaves turn into the barren trees of winter. And, spring, oh, amazing spring, if the trees of winter didn't change into the new life of spring, everything would just be . . . dead. I can't say whether everything in our life is already planned out or if we influence the paths that we take, but change is very important to life - no matter what!

So, this year, I've decided to mix it up a little bit. I will still be going to my aunt's house. Even if nobody can make turkey like my former uncle, it's always great to just have it all homemade anyways. Lots of love is put into it all, and the love always makes everything better.

So before you go blaming something, or someone, just remember - things are constantly changing. Nobody knows when and nobody knows how. But just know that it's a fact of life, and no matter how big or small that change is, there's always a way to make everything better . . .

You just have to live it out. And I'm thankful for it.


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