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Do you enjoy reading the Times!? Do you sometimes wonder if you can write as good as the Times Writers? Well wonder no more! I have selected a few long term Times Writers who were generous enough to answer some questions. Now this is a long article because they had so much to share. So get ready to get the inside scoop on how they write their articles!

Rain15133: How do you like being a writer for the Whyville Times?

Kittieme: I love being a writer for the Whyville Times. It has given me confidence in my writing. It's awesome knowing that other people will take the time to read my articles.
IKnewIt2: I love it. I write all the time and being a writer for a newspaper like this at 13 is amazing.
ocean10kv: I absolutely LOVE being a Times Writer!

Rain15133: Do you easily find time for writing articles on top of your personal life?

Sims2girl: I always have inspiration for articles, if that's what you mean. Whew, there's a ton of drama and sometimes the Times is the only way I can work it out for myself. If you meant from a time standpoint, it has become harder, with homework and friends and such.
Kittieme: I try to write something each week, but I often find myself having a mini "writer's block" episode where I can't think of anything. I also am involved with other activities, and often don't have the time to sit down and write something half decent.
IKnewIt2: Sometimes it's hard to fit in the actual typing, editing, and submitting the article. I write pen and paper all the time so that is where my articles start. I just have to find time for everything else on the computer.

Rain15133: What is it like writing for the Times?

ocean10kv: Writing for the Times is pretty fun. I improve on my writing through comments in the BBS and it's always fun to read feedback.
Sims2girl: Awesome! Even if you don't think you're a good enough writer, you should try it!
Kittieme: At first, I didn't think that anyone was reading my articles so I sort of stopped writing. I also made the mistake of having my Dad "fix" my computer, which ended up removing all my files. (Including all the chapters to my story Identical Identity. R.I.P) Since I've been writing again, it's been great seeing helpful critiques that provide great advice for what to keep in mind for other articles I eventually write.

Rain15133: How did you feel when you saw your first article out in the Times?

IKnewIt2: I honestly felt bad. I forgot to proofread, it clearly wasn't ready, and I forgot I even emailed it in. Now I look back as though I did need that bad first article to be where I am today.
ocean10kv: When I saw my first article accepted into the Times I was ecstatic! I had been trying for such a long time to get an article accepted into the Times. I was happy that I finally wrote one that was good enough!
Sims2girl: Shocked. It was back years ago on a different account and I had kind of written it as a joke. Prior to that, I'd written some serious stuff that never got in, so it was a real turning point.

Rain15133: Do you find complications in your articles sometimes?

Kittieme: There are often complications in the articles I write. I don't always catch every misspelling or grammatical error, and it's rough seeing them as I read them in the Times.
IKnewIt2: I always seem to find at least one. Editing my work is always the hardest part because I have no one to catch mistakes I think are right. My writing is very personal so I don't share with people I know.
ocean10kv: I'm not sure exactly what you mean by complications, but I do have difficulties writing fluently at times. I'll have a brilliant idea for a topic for an article and when I sit down to type it out I can't think of anything to say.

Rain15133: How do you think that your articles are different compared to other Times Writers?

Sims2girl: I've been writing for a long time, and I've seen the newest batch of Times-ers literally mature into brilliant writers before my eyes. My articles are written from the standpoint of a slightly older person, so I'd like to think that they're a little different there as well as the fact that I don't write about ONE topic - I kinda skip around to whatever interests me at the moment.
Kittieme: I'd have to say that my articles each have a different tone of voice, and often have a lot of personality in them. If you are reading one of my more opinionated articles like "Gossip: The War of Words," or "The Pressure That Gets to All of Us" it's clear how I feel about the topic through my word choice and the way I express the message. I don't always see a ton of opinion in some articles, and I would have to say that's what I try to stress a lot of the time.
IKnewIt2: I'm not sure they are all that different. Maybe the only way is that I express my feelings differently than a lot of people. In my writing I include more about the situation than just telling someone.

Rain15133: Were you surprised that you would be writing this long.

ocean10kv: Nope, I always knew I'd be writing for a long time. I do take short breaks from it though.
Sims2girl: Honestly, yes. I got my first article published four years ago and it was just a distraction. It's become a lot more than that over the time I've been writing.
Kittieme: Yeah, I'd have to say I'm surprised I've kept up with writing for this long. I've always known it's something I enjoy doing, but never thought of myself as an actual writer.

Rain15133: What impact do you think your articles have on the citizens of Whyville who read them?

IKnewIt2: I think it makes people look and think about what I am writing in a different way. If I told someone what to write they could never have the passion that I would have writing it.
ocean10kv: I actually have no idea what the impact I have is! I'd hope that if it's one of my comics they're reading that their day brightens up a little bit.
Sims2girl: I'd like to think that they showcase some of the everyday thoughts and problems of teens today. I know that's super cliche . . . But I've gone through a lot and I felt alone through it. I would've appreciated knowing someone else was going through the same things, or had and survived it. I'm by no means one of those wise old Whyvillians, but I do have some experience and I'm eager to help where I can.

Rain15133: Are your articles random ideas/thoughts, or do you sit and think about what you should write?

Kittieme: It depends on what the article is. If I find myself thinking about a certain topic in my head, I'll often jot it down and see what I can make of it. On the other hand, sometimes I just having that "man, I feel like writing something" feeling and sit down and start thinking of random things.
IKnewIt2: All of the poems I write are random. The articles are things I think could be written about in an article, but I always have to brainstorm ideas or I get them from my journal I keep.
ocean10kv: Sometimes the articles I write are random thoughts that pop into my head . . . usually those article ideas pop into my head when I'm trying to sleep. Sometimes I also think about what I should write. I'll sit down at the computer and say to myself "Huh, I think I should write an article . . ." then just sit staring at the screen until I think of something.

Rain15133: Do you think you will be continue to write for the Whyville Times in the future? If so how long do you plan to do so?

Sims2girl: I think I will. I meant to stop before now, and I've definitely slowed down, but I never have. I don't know if I can.
Kittieme: Yes, I do plan on continuing writing for the Times. It brings me a lot of happiness expressing myself through words, and I hope it is enjoyable to read what I come up with.
IKnewIt2: I will always be writing. I'm not sure when I will stop writing for the Times but it won't be anytime soon.

Rain15133: Do you have any advice you would like to give to recent writers and people who would like to write for the Times?

Sims2girl: Get out there! Write like you're being chased by rabid weasels. You may not think your writing is worth anything - I never have . . . but the Times has a funny way of proving you wrong. Listen to critics, but just enough so that you become better and not enough to change you. Listen to music while writing. Live in the world, describing everything you see. Invest in a good thesaurus and a faithful copy editor. And above all . . . never give up. Writing's something that has no set standard, and everyone starts and progresses at different levels. Chocolate helps with the inevitable discouragement.
IKnewIt2: Always reread your writing and love what you write about. A good writer always has passion or a solid connection with what they write about. It should always have true meaning to you. You matter.
ocean10kv: Don't give up! If one article doesn't get accepted keep trying! Make sure to edit your work a lot. If you finally get an article accepted make sure to read the BBS because there will be helpful Whyvillians giving you advice . . . and I suggest you listen to any advice they give you and take it calmly.

So there you have it! That is the inside scoop on some of Whyville's very own Times Writers. Be on a look out for more interviews to come.

*Out to discovers more Whyvillians' Secrets!*

Author's Note: Thank you so much to kittieme, IKnewIt2, ocean10kv, and sims2girl! You guys were awesome to participate in helping me write this article, and share your article tips to everyone! I strongly encourage everyone to look up some of these articles, these authors have written. There is a great variety and interest in all of their articles!


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