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How to Avoid a Con Artist

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How to Avoid a Con Artist

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Hey You Guyz,

Yeah, s'me again. ;) Lately I've noticed more and more people saying they've been hacked or conned or something along those lines. In any case, I think we need to be ready for these people before they come along. Most people have thought their scams through and plunge in prepared while their victims are not. This article should enlighten and help prepare you for those nasty people who are only out to get you for your clams and face parts.

Actually, we all have our dear, dear ScUmBaG68 who recently wrote his I'm-A-Hacker-And-Proud article, "The Perfect Krime". Well, the truth is folks, he laid out some good points on how to recognize hackers and con artists. He got me thinking, so I decided to throw this together for all of you who have had trouble with people like him in the past.

First of all, there are many ways a con artist may attempt to get to you. As ScUmBaG68 pointed out, they have to be nice and really sweet about things. Have you ever heard the expression, "Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer"? Well, a con artist abides by the same rules, except they've replaced enemies with victims.

How do they do this? Well, firstly they need to get your attention -- they'll use one of those lines like "Hey, want me to raise your salary?", "Want me to fix up your face for you?" or the latest, "I have a code that will get rid of WhyPox." Some of you are too smart for that, but that's ok, they'll have a few alternatives. Some might ask you out and then move in close and be really, really sweet to you, and just when they've got you right where they want you, when they've earned your trust, they'll get you. They may act sweet, they may say, in the words of ScUmBaG68, "If we're a couple...", "If you really love me...". Don't fall for these cheeseball lines people. Someone who really loves you will never use the word "if" and they would never pressure you into something. DON'T get sucked in.

Most hackers have dozen other lines to use too, but those are the most commonly used ones. You have to remember, con artists don't care about you, they will do anything for your account. I know it may be hard, because they say they can make you feel loved, prettier, richer, more popular. The bottom line is, that's all part of the con, so be smart and DON'T fall for it.

Another sure-fire way to confirm your suspicions of a con artist or a hacker is to check out their City Record. There is a reason for them ya know. People trying to get into your account are usually low on cash and aren't always great looking. If that's the case they are in my experience always 99.9% of the time they are trying to hack you. That isn't always the case though, some people don't always fit that description, some just do it for the fun of it and already have lots of money and look fine. In that case, trust you instincts, if they seem to be just a little too sweet, don't trust them, your insincts are usually right.

Well, that's about all the advice I can give you folks, remember that a sure fire way NOT to get hacked is to just NOT give out your password AT ALL! Please promise me you WON'T do this. Thanx.


Editor's Note: Folks, a lot of what Shelly1 has said in this great article applies just as well to real life con artists as to Whyville scammers. Her advice is good stuff to keep in mind all your life!



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