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To write a poem, you don't have to be a famous poet. You've just need to have the feeling. You don't have to be an expert. You've just need to want to begin. You don't have to be good, or deep. You've just need to be original. Am I not right?

It doesn't matter whether or not your poem fits everybody's needs. And your poem could be something as simple as, "Roses are white, violets will wilt, the sun is so bright, but my heart is not built" and it would still be acceptable. My definition of a poem may be different from yours. I have not ever asked, even once, if my poem was deep enough. Alas, I still get answers.

While I'm sitting here explaining, I'd also like to add in that I've received some rude mails lately about how I try too hard to be deep. The point is not too hard to figure out. You're looking too deep into the poem for an answer to what it means, therefore getting the thought that I'm trying too hard to be deep and failing at it. I don't need to be deep in my poems because everybody likes them anyways . . . I always get a little arrogant when speaking of my poems. Nonetheless, I keep the worst part in my head.

Poetry is about what you want it to be about. It can be about animals, foreign places, common things, earrings, or even dirt. It doesn't matter unless it's for an assignment. Don't you ever let someone tell you that you got offtrack in your poem, 'cause one thing leads to another.

I've received mails telling me to 'be more like so and so in your poems', well doggonit, I'll be who I am in my poems! Why would I want to copy and basically do something totally different from me? Think about that one . . .

Now that poetry is so wide spread these days, there are so many possibilities on how you can write it. I choose to make mine rhyme, though if I see a good flow coming on I try not to rhyme. There are no flawless poets, no flawless poems or anything. AABB is not flawless, ABAB is not flawless.

Writing a poem is like learning to walk, most times you crawl first. Catch my drift?


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