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How to Keep Your Face Healthy

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For a long time my face was full of zits. I was so embarrassed. I am sure many people out there have zits, pimples, etc. This article is to help you keep your face shiny, healthy, and smooth. With these couple of tips you will be all out of those things in no time!

Tip #1 - Find the right type of face wash.

What is face wash? Some of you may not know. Face wash is soap specially made just for your face. There are many different brands. You need to find the right kind of brand that helps prevent zits, pimples, etc. I would start with Clean and Clear or Proactive. Those help me. That doesn't mean they will help you though. So just try brand after brand and see which one has a better outcome on your face.

Tip #2 - Find the right time to wash your face.

How do we remember to brush our teeth? We just know that when we wake up we brush them and when you go to sleep, you brush again. Well, you can wash your face in the morning or at night. You should always set a routine.

Tip #3 - Make it fun, stroke to music.

I hated washing my face. It was SO boring. I thought that washing your face was worthless for a while. Then I found a couple of ways to make it fun. So, what you can do is turn on some tunes and stoke the soap onto your face to the beat of the song. This tip is my favorite!

Tip #4 - Make it fun, do it with a loved one.

Maybe you don't get to hang out with your mom, sister, or anyone. So you can ask your mom, "Hey Mom. I don't get to spend a lot of time with you. Can we do a monthly SPECIAL facial." Make it fun. My mom and I got a special face wash that you can only do monthly and we bought cucumbers to put on our eyes. And when we are feeling really fancy, we turn on some type of calm, soothing music.

Tip #5 - Make it fun, do it while watching TV.

Okay, so who doesn't like TV? I mean seriously, everyone does. What you can do is this: get a rag put soap on it and go into your room, living room, wherever you have a TV. Then wash your face while watching.

Tip #6 Don't eat certain foods.

Some foods can make you break out in zits, pimples, etc. The one food that does that to me is chocolate, and chocolate is the most common food to most teens that gives them zits, pimples, etc. Make sure that you find the food that you shouldn't eat so you don't break out.

I really hope that you can now understand why we should wash our faces, and how to make washing our faces fun!


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