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Don't Give Out Your Password!

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Don't Give Out Your Password!

Guest Writer

Hey this is Sonner. I just wanna talk about giving out your passwords.

Okay, first off, one day my friend came to me saying she was hacked. I was pretty mad, thinking, why do people steal other people's hard earned clams?

Are the hackers that stunted? These weird Whyvillians can't earn their own clams, so they decide to act real nice to you, then, when you become best friends, steal your password the first second you give it to them.

My friend who got hacked knew the person who robbed her. I why-mailed this "hacker", asking him why he does this -- he replied, "I'm just punishing the people that give me their passwords." That was the stupidest answer I have ever heard!

Second off, part of the problem are the Whyvillians who give out their passwords. City Hall has always said when we log on, "Don't share your password! Or you will lose everything!" We all have to listen to her!

I once got hacked. From now on I will never trust anyone with my password. The hacker who hacked me did the little become your friend trick and stole my password. I care about my friends and I know I can trust them with a lot of things, but I won't trust anyone with my password ever again.

So don't give out your password!!!

Sonner =)



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