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It's That Time of the Year

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It is that time of year again. It is time to start putting up holiday decorations, singing songs, and making new resolutions. I know my family has some crazy customs! That got me wondering about your holiday plans. This is an article that explores how people of Whyville celebrate the winter holidays!

DeadSnaii: How do you prepare for the holidays? What holiday do you celebrate?
LoveEmma: I celebrate Christmas and I prepare by setting up decorations and singing songs.
Poppinx3: We celebrate Christmas. My family sets up the tree, eats chocolate, and watches "A Christmas Carol: The Musical".
VickiDeze: We prepare by . . . well you know . . . preparing! I help set up decorations, and go shopping.

DeadSnaii: What is your favorite thing about the holiday season?
MooU1: Well, I kinda hate it . . . everything is busier, because stupid people enjoy taking the BEST $12.90 shirts off the rack at Hollister, and leave people like me with the ugly shirts.
LoveEmma: Giving, receiving (selfishness alert), and spending time with the family!
LunaLolli: There are many amazing things, and it's hard to choose one! My favorite would have to be decorating my parent's house. We make it look like a giant gingerbread house!

DeadSnaii: What will you miss the most about 2010?
VickiDeze: I will miss writing 2010 as the date.
xSugarr33: I will miss signing the date 2010. I think that I will get 2011 and 2010 mixed up!
Poppinx3: I will miss saying "Twenty ten". "Twenty eleven" just doesn't work for me! Gosh, it takes so much work to say that.

DeadSnaii: What type of special customs does your family have?
MooU1: I, myself alone, am a custom of its own.
xSugarr33: Well . . . my family likes to sing songs and have parties!
LoveEmma: The only custom my family really has is that we all gather for a big lunch/dinner.

DeadSnaii: Lastly, if you have any New Year's resolutions yet, what are they?
xSugarr33: Mine is to stop procrastinating. Honestly. I'm supposed to be doing homework right now.
MooU1: The only one I have right now is to be nicer to everyone.
LoveEmma: I don't have any yet . . . *dun dun dun*
Poppinx3: Live.
VickiDeze: To stop procrastinating and to not spend so much time on the computer.

So there you have it! Now you know how your Whyvillian friends celebrate the holidays. It seems like quite a few people made "stop procrastinating" a resolution. In fact, that is mine, too!

Please feel free to share your holiday customs, preparations, and your resolutions in the BBS. Until next time, goodbye!


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