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Help Prevent the WhyFlu

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It's that time of year again and the cold winter days do nothing to help prevent the flu season! The 2010 WhyFlu is here and some of you may wonder how you can prevent getting sick or how you can get rid of the flu. Need advice? Read on!

Ways to prevent getting sick:

1. Get the 2010 WhyFlu vaccination at City Hall to help prevent getting the flu for only 5 clams.

2. Cover and wash your hands while you are in chat to help prevent picking up any new germs from citizens infected.

Things you can do to help you recover from the flu:

1. Go to the pharmacy located in Bioplex and buy the medication that suits your symptoms. The medication will help relieve your symptoms for two hours and only costs 5 clams!

Here is a list of the medication the pharmacy has to offer:

- Snif B Gone: Helps relieve sneezing symptoms.
- Cof-eze: Relieves coughing symptoms.
- Cream: Relieves rashes on citizens faces.

Buy these medications every two hours to help clear up your symptoms!

4. Also wash your hands and cover when sneezing to prevent your germs from spreading to other citizens and help you from getting new germs!

In real life you can get vaccinated. The state currently with the most Whyvillians vaccinated is Nevada! Keep up the vaccinations to help prevent you from getting sick this flu season!

You can check the front page for the WhyFlu report every day and check when the last time you washed your hands and covered. Also you can see:

- The number of citizens infected with the flu.
- Total new infections.
- Total citizens saved from infection by getting vaccinated, covering, and washing their hands.
- Total number of citizens infected this year by the flu.

Best of luck with the 2010 WhyFlu and remember to take these precautions and steps to help you get through the flu season!

- Alichic


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