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Lacking Respect

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Cuss words, negative conversations, and insults fly out of students' mouths all throughout the world. It is easy to notice the lack of respect and consideration many of them possess. Have we forgotten the basic rules and principles on how to treat others nicely? If so, do we even care?

Showing respect should be an important concept for children, teens, and even adults. We should all be polite and as kind as possible towards other people. They are human beings too, you know!

How would you feel if someone was saying mean things about you? Would it make you feel good? Whether you'd like to admit it or not, nearly everyone would feel bad inside. No one likes to be put down or not given respect, yet these issues still occur.

Perhaps if we put the other person's point of view into perspective, we can learn to control our words and actions. Also, we can all look at the people around us and think, 'There might be more in their life going on that I don't understand ,so I should be a good person and not insult or disrespect them.'

Everyone has feelings, and even if we inadvertently hurt them, it is best to be as respectful as possible. If everyone tries to be a nicer person, many negative situations will dissolve. By showing respect towards the people we meet, the world is bound to become a much better place.


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