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I read SkUmBaG68's article and you know what I think? He is a loser low-life and a bum. What kind of guy goes around taking people's accounts? Me myself I sometimes go around throwing projectiles at people for fun at weddings, what ever, if I'm mad, but stealing people's accounts is just pointless! What a loser. If I see SkUmBaG68 I would yell to everyone what he does. LOL that would get him mad! LOL That guy ticks me off!!! (Loser!)

Now here's a message for everyone who hates him or people like him -- send the Whyville Times more letters like these. That loser wont get any account from me! (LOSER!)

P.S. If SkUmBaG68 is reading this, you're lame!!!


Guest Writer

Hey, I'm back for another Times Report! I haven't posted an article in a long time! Well, I'm back now. And I'm gonna talk to you about hacking in Whyville, because I've been hacked a little over 5-6 times. It's kinda like starting your life all over again, just like if your house in real life burns down. Trust me it isn't fun. And a few days ago I was just chatting with my friends at the Pool Party, and I saw someone ask someone else if they wanted a makeover! I started to say, "Don't you dare give our your password, you will get hacked and you will lose your Whyville account." So please do not give out your password to anyone, even if you do trust them. If you have to start over again it is not fun at all.

Well, I'm Cruzer41, signing out! Y-mail me everyone and have a great day!


Guest Writer

Never fall for this, it happened to me and I'm sure it's happened to a lot more people. I had an account called Tlh9. One day I was at the Playground when a girl asked me something (I'm not going to say who it was), but anyway she said to me that she was from City Hall and that if I gave her my password she could get me a full house. I was so stunned I gave her my password. She came back and said it wouldn't work, but I knew she'd just changed my password. I could never go on Whyville again on that person because it said that what I had had wasn't my password, and I hadn't put down the right email address for my parents when I first signed up. That person looked pretty good and I was getting a start, but now I don't care because I have a better person then before.

This is Diamond89 saying watch out for this crime and never fall for it! They're just faking.



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