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Bribing for the Better?

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When I hear about bribing I never think of it happening to me. My friends are bribed by their parents all the time. Mine aren't that type. I am expected of a lot and I try to live up to it. Maybe that isn't the best way to be and maybe I should be waiting until I get bribed to do something, but I try to do what's expected. I thought my parents trusted me with my word until a few days ago.

I was about to leave on a trip to another town with one of my friends. My mom was worried about me, but I tried to brush it off and not have it ruin my trip. She started talking about how the town I was going to is a party town and how I needed to be careful. For some reason this shook me. Why didn't she think I would be? Why did she tell me to be careful? I go on just listening, but I am really bothered. I decide to say that and I can say that was a choice I'm not sure was good or bad.

When I said I was bothered my mom said she trusted me, but not my friends. How could she not trust my friends? I was tempted to just leave at this point but if I did there was no way I was going to get to go. I told her over and over how I wouldn't drink or smoke or anything like that. Then she brought it up. The bribe.

If I don't drink or smoke until I move out of the house I get one thousand dollars.

One thousand dollars. Why would she bribe me with money? Then she said she would add another one thousand if I was abstinent. That's a grand total of two thousand dollars. Now a lot of other kids would be thrilled with getting two thousand dollars. Money money money. I'm one of the people that don't like this. I feel controlled. I feel like a dog that can be thrown a bone when they do something good and then be forgotten about. I feel as if she thinks my choices are for her and not me. I'm not my mom. I'm me.

All I could do was just stay silent. I don't even remember what I said in response, I think I just left with my thoughts nodding in agreement. It's my fault if anything happens. She doesn't know I think that. She doesn't know anything in the entire world about me. She never talks to my friends. She doesn't know about anything I have written for the times. Every person reading this and my other articles knows more about me that my mom does. There must be something wrong with that shouldn't there?

The bribes are one of the many reasons I don't tell her much. One day she will see who I really am, but that won't come for a long time. I can guarantee it. As long as I don't do anything until I move out of the house I get two thousand dollars. I don't think I would do any of that anyways. I don't even want a reward or anything. Isn't being happy and healthy enough?

When I reach the point of moving out of the house, I will receive two thousand dollars if I stay what she calls smart. If and when I get that I won't use it. I will probably end up giving it back in a secret way because that is what I call smart. I will be happy with the choices I make.

Stay happy and healthy just for yourself.



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