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I'm Not Really Your Friend

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So, recently I've been reading through some things, and most of them have been about friends who are not actually friends. My definition of friendship is to be there, care, and tell your friend when they're wrong. But they don't care. Your friends are not your friends, they are your frenemies. My definition of frenemy is that they are your friend while in your sight, and a different person while they aren't.

If you tell a friend your secret, the next day, it's still going to be your secret. The only other person who will know is your friend. If you tell a frenemy your secret, the next day, you'll have notes in your locker asking how that secret happened. If you show a friend your secret birthmark, tomorrow you two will giggle back and forth about it's similarities with a giraffe. If you show a frenemy your secret birthmark, tomorrow other people will ask to see it.

You have to know when and where to be a big person and keep it real. Tell that 'friend' off if they seriously did something that really bothered you, because I am so tired of reading things about fake friends.

So test your friends/frenemies. Do exactly what I said, but with a minor secret like you've never eaten chicken. So seriously, please just check your friends.


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