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Gobble Gobble Turkey Drive

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Deck the house with bells of holly, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la. As you all know the holidays are coming up soon. For most it's a joyful time, with lots of presents and cheer but I would like to touch on a subject that every community deals with; and that's the fact in some homes the holiday season brings stress, and sadness due to the fact that household members are struggling just to get by. Sometimes this means that their family goes without something as simple as a turkey dinner.

I feel so selfish when I recall myself saying, "Omg, I'm going to have to hit the gym so hard after the holidays to work off all four turkey dinners I've just had." Some of us take the turkey dinners for granted, I know I certainly do (correction, certainly did). Turkey dinners are my favorite but every year I don't put much thought behind them besides the amount of calories I'm going to have to burn off after I enjoy them.

Unfortunately some people don't have that same silly worry because they simply don't have the luxury of having a turkey dinner. You're probably thinking, 'Ummm yeah, since when did sitting down filling your bodies with a bunch of fatty foods become a luxury?!'. It became a luxury because some families just don't have the money to buy one.

I am proud to say that this year I am gladly taking my time to ensure that some families get to have that luxury. Though I can't help every family in my community it puts a smile on my face knowing I've helped a few. The best part is, you can to!

There are many different things you could to to raise money for turkey dinners like: bake sales, candy gram sales, anything you want. In my school our home room collects spare change from breakfast, and charity jars circulate my school after lunch once a week for any spare change from lunch. Of course this month's charity jars are dedicated to the turkey drive.

Little things make a big difference. So this year try to do a little thing by pulling a few people together and organize a turkey drive in your community. Every little bit helps! Happy holidays everyone!


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