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Snuggists Versus Blankists

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"Keeps you warm while doing everyday activities!" "Perfect for sporting events, and just lounging around the house!" "The blanket with sleeves!" I'm sure you have heard all the hype about this interesting piece of clothing. With its felt-like material and "one size fits all" slogan, a Snuggie looks like a backwards robe. I've seen many parodies trash-talking this invention, and others building it up. Overall, this fancy blanket has been tearing the world apart into two groups: Snuggists and Blankists. Which one are you?

For those of you who support this sleeve-bearing fabric, there are many upsides. They really do keep you warm, and are extremely attractive. Who wouldn't love a fashionable Snuggist? Not only is the price low (between $9.99 and $19.99), but they are great for parties! Everyone would be so envious! Only the coolest people around have them, and everyone is dying to become a Snuggist themselves.

If you are against Snuggies, you might think, "What's the point? Just wear a robe backwards." Robes can sport this same fashion statement, but what about your ankles? What if they are feeling chilly and your robe can't reach down to them? The idea of those lone, freezing ankles chills the very marrow of my bones. It's downright ankle-abuse.

Many fights have broken out over these Snuggies. Today in breaking news, a seventeen year-old boy was beaten up by a group of rambunctious (and chilly) ten year-olds. These little girls were so jealous of the zebra-print blanket! A reliable source claims that the seventeen year-old has not pressed charges, but rather went to his local drugstore and bought each of the girls one of their own! The boy says, "Snuggists always have welcome hearts towards the chilly citizens of their town!" Snuggies make people better, warmer citizens. Shouldn't we all strive to be like this?

Overall, the wide-spread Snuggie situation has become a popular topic in schools around the globe. Some have questioned it, though. Is this bold fashion statement too good to be true? Will they eventually run out of this magical product? The world may never know, so come into a store near you and pick up this stylin' blanket today!


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