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Chocolate Chocolate Cake

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"Make a wish!"

"Yeah right Mom, I'm twelve now."

That's what my brother told my mom when she told him to make a wish. On December 10th, my brother turned twelve years-old. He's just eighteen months younger than me. Now eighteen months isn't a lot to some people, but eighteen months ago, I wasn't me.

Eighteen months ago I hadn't started middle school yet. Where I live middle school starts in seventh grade, so the school only has seventh and eighth graders. Back then I was six inches shorter, had hair a foot longer, and had gold rimmed Harry Potter glasses. What a twelve year-old I was. Now I thought that was fine and it is for some people, but it's not how I see it now. As I went into middle school I soon realized that I was a little geek. I hated everything that had to do with me.

I remember one year ago when my brother turned eleven. He was such a small, innocent, little fifth grader. His sister on the other hand was changing. Just about a week before my brother's eleventh birthday I cut my hair one foot. It was down past my waist and I let it go. That hair I remember down to my waist back in second grade was gone. Of course it didn't matter. It's just hair. Back then I was 5'2; two inches taller than I was the first day of seventh grade. I was getting contacts the day before Christmas Eve. My brother had a sister that wasn't going to be that girl at the beginning of the school year ever again.

Last year my brother had a good birthday. A great one in my view. Everyone was well, it was snowing the perfect amount, and everything was nice. He had the normal chocolate chocolate cake like he has had from age seven. Nothing was different and that's what I expected. He was eleven and not many people change at eleven. That was then.

This is now. I am 5'6 and still growing like a weed. My hair is layered a little longer than my shoulders. I haven't worn glasses for the entire school year. My face isn't bare anymore, but wears a thin mask of makeup. Most importantly I love myself. I love the life I live with my amazing school family and I never want it to change even though it will in a month. But that's another article for another issue.

On my brother's birthday I looked at him and realized he was like me when I was twelve. Except instead of being short he is an inch taller than me. In the sixth grade. Not that there is anything wrong with that. In a few months he will be going into seventh grade and I wish him the best of luck. Being in the seventh grade sucked. Being twelve in general sucked. In the end, I did need that year. It showed me who my real friends were, it allowed me to change for the better, and it showed me that if I wait things will get better. Waiting for eight grade was hard, but I did it. Eighth grade is amazing with the roller coaster I ride. In a few short months I will be going into high school. Two changes for two siblings in a few short months.

Right now, a little after his birthday we still have chocolate chocolate cake left from his twelfth birthday. Let's just sit back and ride on the roller coaster that is just going straight. For this weekend.



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