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How could you avoid someone because of their skin? Some people don't even avoid it. Some people tell others to their faces. And I've seen it all over Whyville. I mean, I knew Whyville lets people express who they are, but how do we feel about letting signs be made saying "Racism"? A few days ago, I would defend Whyville fully. But that was until The Woods became my usual place.

I was at The Woods talking to my friend. I was bored. Then all of a sudden someone comes trudging up in there with a green sign stating "Racism". I was shocked, I thought it was a bit absurd. So I asked this person exactly what the sign meant to her. Our conversation went something like this:

BlameMeJz: What does your sign mean?
Person: What do you think it means?
BlameMeJz: You're racist?
Person: There ya go. You're awesome.
BlameMeJz: And you're self centered.

Yeah, I guess it is a bit mean of me to say that, but who would have the nerve to advertise themselves being racist on a website meant for kids? I did a little experiment. I questioned a few people, just to get their opinion on racism. I asked the following questions to several people:

BlameMeJz: What are your thoughts on racism?

Sqeakers1: I feel like it is wrong. But that's an obvious answer. It's wrong because when you think about it, everyone is different. We all look different on the OUTSIDE, which is the main thing that comes to mind when I hear 'racism'. But on the inside, we all have brains, muscles, lungs, hearts, veins. They are all the same.
LoveEmma: It's horrible, and it ruins people emotionally and even physically.
bObami: Racism is truly awful.
TINI: It's horrible, because they are racist because of what they see. Not what is under the skin. You don't know what a kind person she or he could be. You should NOT judge people on their appearance. Like my mom says, don't judge a book by its cover. You don't know how good of a book that is.
Hailey311: I honestly think it is horrible but the people who believe in it, that's their way of thinking of it. There is no need for one person to be treated differently.

BlameMeJz: Should Whyville let signs be made saying "Racism"?

Sqeakers1: I don't think so, mainly because it could be offensive. If a racist person wears that sign, they are basically saying "Hey world! Look at me! I'm racist! I hate (insert race here)!" and that could be offensive.
LoveEmma: Yes, because it is so rude.
bObami: Well if the signs are PROMOTING racism, then gosh no. If they aren't, then I don't see why not.
TINI: No. That's sick.
Hailey311: I would like good signs. As in "NO RACISM." Just nothing like "SUPPORT RACISM."

BlameMeJz: Are you offended by racism? If so, then what is your reason?

Sqeakers1: Yes, I am. I had a close friend be affected by this. She's Vietnamese, and was picked on. It hurt me to see her in tears everyday after school for months. I think that a lot of people, even at young ages, have come across a scenario where racism is involved, and that isn't right.
LoveEmma: Yes, I am. Well, one girl said, "Move over, white girl" and I said, "You know that's mean." Also, it doesn't matter race or religion; everyone is a person with feelings.
bObami: I usually am offended by racism, and it's hard to explain why I'm offended.
TINI: Yes. I have many best friends and they are all different races. They all need to treat each other the same.
Hailey311: Yes. I am part black and white. Sometimes my parents get weird looks because my mom is black and my dad is white.

BlameMeJz: Do you avoid this subject?

Sqeakers1: I avoid the topic of race altogether. I don't want to offend anyone. You never know how people could take something in the wrong way. Unless it is in a class that I'm taking, where I know that it is safe to discuss, because we're just talking about cultures or something like that, then I think it's okay. It's important to learn about race, but not about racism.
LoveEmma: No, I don't. I am perfectly ok with my thoughts.
bObami: I don't avoid it.
TINI: Normally, yes. It is possible I could lose my temper and go berserk if someone made a rude remark on any of my friends' races.
Hailey311: Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I do sometimes because I don't know what the other person thinks and I just have nothing to say and I don't like thinking about it. I don't because I don't really mind hearing their opinion.

BlameMeJz: Do you know any racist people yourself?

Sqeakers1: I know one person on here who is racist. And, actually my science teacher right now is racist. It's sickening.
LoveEmma: Well, in real life. Not on Whyville.
bObami: I don't know any racist people, I've seen a couple on Whyville though.
TINI: No, I'm VERY glad about that.
Hailey311: I know one person on Whyville whose father is but other than that no.

As they say, it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Well, not when racism is still going on. So let's join together and make this world a better place! Stop racism today, it's wrong and still slaughtering hearts.

Making sunshine after the rain,


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