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Help Out This Holiday Season

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Are you ready for this cold winter season? Even if you're not it's here and we must deal with it until about March. If you're saying "Well who cares it comes around every year," then you are lucky. Most people can stay warm, but for those in need it's hard to stay warm and healthy. They need your help to stay warm this season and to enjoy the holidays just like you!

So get out this holiday season and help these people out. There are lots of ways to help people in need.

Ways to help:

1. Donate gently used and new coats to your local firemen's cheer fund.
2. Donate pocket change to the bell ringers that are around town.
3. Buy toys for the firemen's cheer fund.
4. Donate food to your local food shelter.
5. Donate clothes and shoes to a charity shelter near you.

There are many opportunities to help out your community. Please do so this holiday and winter season. Everyone deserves to enjoy the holidays. I'm sure the people in need will definitely appreciate the help that you give!

So get helping because Christmas is right around the corner and it will be here before you know it!


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