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The 'Nice Citizen' Scam

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The "Nice Citizen" Scam

Guest Writer

Hello Whyvillians, this is WhyKing here to speak about a down right dirty scam. The letter below has been sent out to a lot of people, claiming that WhyHelper, WhyStaff, WhyQueen and I, WhyKing are involved in it. This is NOT true -- we are not -- and the letter is a scam.

If you ever receive a letter like this where it asks for your password, it's a scam. The real Whyville Staff known as City Hall and the City Workers would never ask for your password. I'm hoping City Hall will post this to help clear WhyHelper, Wqueen and my name and so that you won't fall for this scam. I thank you for reading this... bye and sincerely, WhyKing.

    You have been chosen for this award.You have been selected for being the nicest person on y-ville. You have a chance to win 3000 clams but in order for this to happen you must send us your password to make sure your not an imposter.(fake)

    Your ceromony will be held in city hall on April 12, '02

    thank you for your cooperation we are very proud of you.

    why king
    why queen
    why helper
    and why staff


Guest Writer

As you may have noticed, I have never written an article before, so this may be bad. But here it goes!!!

Many people try to take the easy way on Whyville -- examples: hacking, password stealing, stuff like that -- but I think they should try and earn some respect out there and get working!!! One of the latest crime I've heard is: "YOU HAVE WON THE NICEST PERSON IN WHYVILLE AWARD!!! SEND US YOUR PASSWORD AND YOU GET 3000 CLAMZ AS YOUR REWARD!"

That may sound obvious but it happens to the best of us!!! I'm just trying to get a message to the hackers and the greedy people out there: DONT TRY TO TAKE THE EASY WAY BY TAKING ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE AND DON'T BE TOO SELFISH.

This is all I have to say! This is JaY signing off.


Times Writer

Hey again everyone, =)

You'd think our Whyville scammers would get the idea and stop with scams, because they get caught sooner or later and today a friend of mine informed me of another one..

Read on...

    you have been the most kindest and generous people weve seen so far. You will be awarded at the Why auditorium on April, 15 2002.

    Congratulations on Winning this award.

    Please send us your password so we know that you are not a fraud or imposter.

    Thank you for your Co-operation.

    Why knig
    Why Queen
    Why Helper
    Thanks very much for your time.

Amazing, huh? I'm hoping that people won't fall for this, but I've reported it anyway. Remember, if you find a scam, report it so you everyone knows about it! And most importantly: NEVER give out your password! City Workers won't ask for it, EVER, and they'll ALWAYS be wearing the CW hat!




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