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Yesterday I went to the YMCA daycare to pick up my nephew. I do this all the time. But yesterday was a little different.

When I was buckling his seat belt I turned around to get into my seat and I noticed a man in the car beside us. He had just picked up his son, who looked to be about 2 or 3 years-old. I noticed he was in a wheel chair. There was no one else there but his son, so I started to get out of the car to walk over and help him. He just got into the car by himself and pulled his wheel chair in after.

It really made me sad because he may have to live the rest of his life in a wheelchair. I don't know if he just broke his leg or if he got into a bad accident, but it saddened me either way. He would never get to do many things.

I started thinking about that man and how he's changed the way I think. I usually take everything for granted. Now, if someone gives me something I will say, "Thank you." That man has made me realize that everything can change in the blink of an eye. For all I know, tomorrow I might have a broken arm.

So basically what I wanted to say in this article is don't take stuff for granted. Things can change in seconds.

Here's a quote for you:

Never save something for a special occasion; every day in your life is a special occasion. Each day, each hour, each minute is special. Live for today, because tomorrow is promised to no one.

- Devildayz


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