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Snuggists Versus Blankists: Your Opinion

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Known for their felt-like material, popularity, and original idea, Snuggies have been on store shelves all over the world for over a year. Many people have opinions on this interesting product, and would like to share. I put together a short interview with six Whyvillians that will express how they feel about Snuggies.

I asked these questions:

Kittieme: Do you own a Snuggie? If so, what does it look like?

Alichic: I don't but I use my sister's; it's for the Colts!
MooU1: Yes, it's cheetah.
KERM3T: Snuggggiee!!! Yes I know what a Snuggie is. It is the comfy, sleeved blanket.
Miamia24: Yes, it is yellow with monkies.
Macey117: Yes I do own a Snuggie. It's pink.
Anionett: Nope.

Kittieme: Do you like Snuggies? Explain why or why not.

Alichic: I do but I think they need a button on the back to keep them from coming off.
MooU1: Yes . . . but it's not as hot as the commercials.
KERM3T: Why would you not like the Snuggie? I love the them . . . they're warm and just comfy.
Miamia24: No because it is a backwards robe.
Macey117: Yes I like Snuggies. I like them because they make me feel warm when I'm cold.
Anionett: No, I personally think they're just flimsy overrated robes. If I really wanted something like a Snuggie, I could just go to a thrift store and get a higher quality robe for a couple of dollars.

Kittieme: What would you do if I ripped up a Snuggie right now?

Alichic: I would cry! No just kidding; I wouldn't care.
MooU1: Look at you with a confused face?
KERM3T: If you ripped a Snugggie right now I'd honestly laugh, because ripping a Snuggie doesn't make sense.
Miamia24: I really wouldn't care.
Macey117: If you ripped up a snuggie right now I would probably think you're crazy and I would say, "What's wrong with you?"
Anionett: I would get mad at you because I would want to be the one ripping it.

Kittieme: Are you a Snuggist, Blankist, or Robist?

Alichic: Um, Blankist.
MooU1: Blankist.
KERM3T: Hmm a Snuggist is . . . I don't study this . . . I am going with Blankist.
Miamia24: Blankist.
Macey117: I don't know what that means.
Anionett: Blankist, definitely.

Kittieme: Do you find Snuggies attractive?

Alichic: No, I do not, haha.
MooU1: No, not really . . . they're pretty ugly unless you have a cheetah or zebra one.
KERM3T: Snuggies are not attractive. But I love them. I would never wear one to school because it looks like you're a nun or something.
Miamia24: Nope, not at all. Why would those idiots in the commercial wear it to a soccer game or whatever. They obviously know people are going to stare at them like they're wearing some kind of robe or pajamas.
Macey117: I think Snuggies are kinda attractive. They aren't pretty, but they aren't where you would say, "Eww that's so ugly!"
Anionett: No, I think they're pretty ugly.

I loved hearing everyone's opinion on Snuggies. I'd like to thank Anionett, Macey117, Miamia24, KERM3T, MooU1, and Alichic for giving up their time and voicing how they feel about the sleeved blanket sensation!


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