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A Pair of Scams

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A Pair of Scams

Guest Writer

The newest scam is by the people you would never imagined! We have people teaming up now, newbies and oldbies together, working as scammers.

The latest scam:

    Whyville citizens; listen up! There is not only the hwy-pox going on but whyville is trying to harm us, no no no not your whyville person with the pooh bear hat! You, you who live in Alaska, Alamba, Saskatewan, Michigan, where ever they are getting to you! **** and **** and our friends have teamed up to help you out! We call ourselves HOW (the helpers of whyvillians). If you send us 150-200 clams we will save you! if you need more information why-mail ******12!!

Please citizens, if anyone is trying to help you it is me! These people are just clam needers -- please do not give them your hard earned money!



Guest Writer

Hey! Kiska here! This is my first time writing in the Times! I'm here to tell you about another clam scam going on. If you get an y-mail something like this:


    I have been working on my computer for the past 3 months and finally discoverd a way to prevent hacking. I have already built a de-hacking system for my account because i got a loan from a few ppl. Eventuly I'd like to give this remarkable system to all of my fellow whyvillians. However this is not the cheapest thing to do. But because u look so fine i can give it to u for a small price of about 40 clams. And since you probably dont belive me I will tell u how it works, if somebosy gets ur password then they wont be able to send clams or anything because they'll need to enter a pass to get into clamgram and the satchel. Pretty spiffy eh?? Dont wait! Theres not much time left. Remember how many ppl get hacked everyday, dont be one of them, get safe, get smart and get sophisticated. Ask yourself can u really put a price on ur account?? I think not. Thanks for ur time, just write me back with ur reply!

DO NOT send this person any clams!!! This is a scam. Think about it.... This person says that it's not the cheapest thing to do, right? And so he asks for clams. Clams can only be used on Whyville and are no good in real life. So why would this person need clams? And how can this person put a de-hacking system on your account unless this person has your password to go on your account? And if this person did have your password, do you think this person might hack you himself?

The only sure way to prevent yourself from being hacked is not to give out your password!!! That is the ONLY way to be sure. DO NOT believe any y-mails like this unless they are wearing a City Worker beanie!! Thank you for listening, and remember to file a 911 report if you see a scam like this!!!

This is kiska, signing off...



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