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2010 Times Awards Nominees

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Hello fellow Whyvillians! I am thrilled to announce the nominees for the fourth annual Whyville Times Awards. 2010 was a great year for the Times. Before we announce the nominees I want you all to know how much your hard work is appreciated.

It would be wonderful if we could give an award to every writer, because you all definitely deserve it. We've had some great new writers emerge, and have also had some veterans return. But one thing is true about every writer we have: your passion and commitment is what makes this paper great!

So let's get on with it,shall we. Here are your nominees for this year's Whyville Times Awards (in no particular order):

Article of the Year

Bad Things - ImForLove
Smiling - sims2girl
Remaking: Another Name for Stealing - Monet1616
Chomp! All About Chewing Gum - Singel12
An Unforgetable Dream - WaterMel8

Contribution to the Times


Breakthrough Article of the Year

A New Chapter - xPoetx
Do I Belong? - Cass402
Stay Innocent - iTacos
Love - Iynne
Dear Mom - Anionett

Science Chicago Award

Poofing Peeps - x3Tacos
Cloud Types - Kittieme
Volcanoes: An Eruption of Knowledge - Seabolt

Why Award

You've Inspired Me - iKnewIt2
Thank You Whyville - ocean10kv
Simply Whyville - Mylo9810
My Memory Lane - Jojokjk2
Our Why-Friends - Monet1616

Interview of the Year

Times Writer Interview - Rain15133
An Award Winner - laura4381
What's So Funny? - singel12
Our Why-Friends - Monet1616
Technology: Where Would we be Without it? - Cass402

Collaboration of the Year

Noah and Kirk - the series by Poppinx3 and bObami
Should I See That Movie: Avatar - momojo1 and SpOrTyAx!
A Very Potter Halloween - Cass402 and Meluvme29
Last Ones Abroad - the series by Hailey311 and Rbd1fan

Help Article of the Year

How to Create Custom Power Points - Kittieme
How to Write for the Times - Rexyp1
Chic: How to Give Yourself a French Manicure - karma1013
Learn To: Tune Your Guitar - Lucce
Summer Eye Makeup Application: Tips and Tricks - ocean10kv

Comic of the Year

Little Red Riding Hood - Angiecow
The Secret of the Bird - the series by ocean10kv
Avatar: Whyville Edition - UnclGhost
Red Carpet Glamour - Rexyp1
A Mystery in Black and White - the series by creativ12

Report of the Year

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Whyville - Ice3211
Halloween Bash - Jadenman
Whyville Just Got Bigger - creativ12
Much More Than a Virtual Problem - Kittieme
Save the Earth - hailey311

Entertainment Prize

The Great Washroom Escape - Giggler01
Learn How to Drive With Ocean10kv - ocean10kv
Attack of the Bots - sqeakers1
Cooking With WaterMel8 - WaterMel8
The Warp Wagon Incident - the series by seabolt

The Poetry Prize

Photographs of What We Were - ImForLove
House of Cards - Anionett
What is the Point of Senses? - holiday50
Stuck in the Gutter - Kittieme
If I Could Fly - xPoetx

The Prose Prize

Reborn - the series by Monet1616
The Show - the series by ImMsLyssa
Dear Alexis - Kittieme
The Fifteenth September - sqeakers1
Hidden - the series by Mylo9810

Congratulations all of our nominees.

Voting will begin this week on the Welcome Page. Please read each of the nominated articles before you vote. We'll see you in January for the awards!

Happy Holidays!
Times Editor


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