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Run: Part 2

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It had been two days since I was told my mother had died. What would I do? Where would I go?

The note was still on my desk, I never read it. The question haunted me. How did my mother die? Who was that guy? Was this all a dream? I hoped it was a dream, and that I would wake up and have all my family. But no. I was alone in the harsh world.

How was I supposed to even go on? Was I to be taken to the orphanage and be adopted by some family? I huffed, I didn't think so.

I stood up and walked down to the kitchen. I slowly walked to the knives and grabbed a dagger, and stabbed it into the wooden table.

I walked to the door and walked outside. I had put my black uggs on, but I didn't bother for a coat. My bare arms were freezing, but I didn't care. I walked aimlessly. I didn't feel a care in the cold, evil world.

"Hey you! Kid!"

I ignored the call. I kept walking. My feet drummed on the ground as a rhythm. Pat, pat, pat. "KID" the man yelled. I kept walking. My hair was plastered to my face, and a single lonely tear, was frozen to my face.

"KID!!!" The man continued to yell. 'SHUT UP,' I wanted to yell - no, scream at the familiar voice. I didn't. I just kept walking.

I just walked. I just walked aimlessly towards the middle of no where, my head slightly down. I wasn't even watching where I was going. I just walked, watching the ground. I felt my boots were a bit damp. Sure it was cold, but I didn't care. There wasn't a slight chance of me going back to my house. Not now, not ever.

I didn't know where I was aiming to walk, but I didn't care. Why should I care? I didn't have any reason to care. My eyes were blank and thoughtless. Trees started to pop up around me, and I was guessing I was in a forest or something.

Pat . . . pat . . . pat . . . my shoes drummed on the ground the whole way. I had to admit, I was hungry but I didn't care. I just kept walking. "KID!!" The guy kept yelling. I kept not responding. I sighed, letting out a dense, cold breath scatter into the air. The wind nipped at my nose, yet I still kept walking, carelessly.

"KID!" The voice continued to yell. I finally turned around.

"JUST LEAVE ME ALONE." I yelled . . . yet no one was there.

I turned around and started to run. My hair was still plastered to my face. My boots almost slipped on patches of ice.


I ignored the call.

The call started to fade, and I was sure I was finally alone. I felt the presence of someone in the air but guessed my senses were wrong. I wished my life were like a fairytale and it would all end. Or that it was just a long dream, more like nightmare. I huffed and started to walk. Once again I didn't know where I was aiming to go, but I just walked. Hopefully at the end of my road, I'd find someone who wouldn't die on me and leave me alone in the world. I stared thoughtlessly ahead.

I kicked a pop can ahead of me and stopped. I was relaxed, but close to tense. Something was there . . . I wasn't alone. I kept walking, silently, swiftly.

"Hello?" I called out.

"WHO'S THERE?" the voice yelled . . . I could almost hear the tension.


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