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Winter Break

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Winter break is finally here so I decided to venture around Whyville and ask some Whyvillans what they are doing this holiday.

KERM3T: Is your family doing anything special this holiday?

miswager2: We are having dinner, cooking holiday treats, and playing games.
bff114: We are going to celebrate Christmas.
Goiv: My grandpa is really sick, so we will be celebrating with him, and we will be playing with our holiday presents.
jocelyn0r: My family will be making tamales.

KERM3T: What's your favorite thing to do over winter break?

miswager2: Dance practice for mi cru, sing for choir and preform, and lastly basketball.
bff114: Building snowman with my cousins, and watch snow fall.
Goiv: Play with my dog and cats in the snow, and stay warm in my house.
jocelyn0r: I like to spend time with my family, and spend time on Whyville.

KERM3T: Do you like to ice skate or snowboard? Or both?

miswager2: Snowboard.
bff114: I love to do both.
Goiv: I only like to ice skate.
jocelyn0r: Neither.

KERM3T: Do you get snow where you live? If so, do you like it?

miswager2: I do, because it's great for snowball fights, etc. But I don't like it when it gets all muddy.
bff114: I do. I like it, but it gets very cold.
Goiv: Yes I get snow, and I like it, because I can hide and scare my brother when he gets home from school.
jocelyn0r: Yes, and I love snow!!

KERM3T: What's your favorite holiday treat?

miswager2: Mmm, candy canes.
bff114: Cookies.
Goiv: Gingersnap cookies.
jocelyn0r: Umm, chocolate and candy canes.

KERM3T: Any good holiday memories?

miswager2: I once went overseas for family to visit for the holiday.
bff114: Yes, getting buried in the snow.
Goiv: Not really.
jocelyn0r: Every year we all decorate the tree together.

So that's what some Whyvillans are up to this winter. Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone has an amazing winter break!


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