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I used to be afraid of death.

I lived every day in fear. I was scared of what would happen next. What happens when you die? I used to think to myself. Why are we even on this Earth if everything results in death? What would happen if my parents died? What about my siblings? I felt like if that happened, there would be nothing to live for. I would be devastated into shock.

Then, my grandpa died. I was always very close to him growing up. We used to sing the animal crackers song together. We had loved each other. I was shocked, but more confused in a way. I was really young at the time, and didn't understand why I couldn't see him anymore.

My grandma's state was worse. She seemed kind of overwhelmed. She wouldn't talk for a while, and when we finally got her to, she just wasn't up to it. It was actually kind of scary. Would I become like that in my later life when somebody else died? Would I be that distraught? Those little questions pestered at me, wanting me to think about them.

Then I thought, why be afraid of death? Everyone has to die anyways. Sure, you can be devastated and shocked at first, but you'll get over it, and always remember the person. Isn't that what matters? If you take what you learned from your parents and pass it down? And they pass it down, and they pass it down? They will always be a memory in your brain, and you will always love them. So stay close to the people that matter most. Because one day you might not have them.



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