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School: What Do You Think?

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Now that the winter break is slowly and sadly ending, I wanted to ask a few Whyvillians about school and getting back to school! (That sounds horrible even typing it.)

While I personally would not want to talk about school during the winter break, these troopers did and answered some questions in the process. Here is what they all think!

booksRus: Do you like school?

Moooopppp: It's going to help me when I get older, so yea. I just don't like getting up so early in the morning!
sunsetcb: Yes.
Iknewit2: Yes, I actually do like school. I learn a lot and get pretty high grades. Plus with everyone there I feel like my own separate family is there.
LunaLolli: Sometimes I like school; most of my teachers are nice.

booksRus: What is your favorite subject?

Moooopppp: Science.
sunsetcb: Lunch.
Iknewit2: I'm not sure if electives count but if they do, I love being an aid for the attendance lady at our school. It's definitely my favorite time of the day. If you want a real subject then I love English. I get to write and be myself in that class with no worries.
LunaLolli: My favorite subject would have to be biology because I like learning more about the Earth we live on!

booksRus: If school ended forever as of today, what would you say?

Moooopppp: "WHAT? DO YOU WANT EVERYONE TO BE STUPID?!" to whoever came up with that horrid idea.
sunsetcb: Ohmygosh.
Iknewit2: I think I would be pretty sad for a while but in the end I would find other things to do and still keep in contact with my friends.
LunaLolli: Hmmm . . . I'd probably say "More vacation time, yay!" and then realize a day later that I'd have to get educated somehow.

booksRus: How often do you daydream in school?

Moooopppp: Not until I met *sigh* Kevin . . .
sunsetcb: Uhh, not much actually.
Iknewit2: A LOT. It's not my fault; it's just the mind of a writer.
LunaLolli: I daydream a lot in school. I dream of myself dancing.

booksRus: Do you have a career in mind for the future?

Mooopppp: Doctor, for sure. I want to help people get better, and save lives!
sunsetcb: Oh yeah.
Iknewit2: I'm not completely sure what I want to do yet. I don't even know where I want to go to college; I just know I'm not staying in Montana the rest of my life.
LunaLolli: Yes, I do have a career in mind for the future! In college next year, I'm going to do ballet and pointe. Then, after college until I'm around my forties, I want to be a professional ballet dancer and travel the world. And lastly, become one of those cute old lady ballet teachers!

booksRus: Are you excited to go to school after the break?

Moooopppp: Yup. Can't wait to meet my friends again and meet the teachers. And *sigh* Kevin . . . LoL.
sunsetcb: Yeah, to see my friends.
Iknewit2: It's all I am looking forward to. Even though I have been dreading January for personal reasons I know that it will all work out in the end and that I should cherish the great parts of January I will have.
LunaLolli: Yes, I'm excited! I can't wait to see my school friends and chat about Christmas (or holidays).

Voila! Here are what a couple of Whyvillians thought! I personally am going to be sad to go back to school and I am happy that I have one more week of winter break left! Although I have to study for exams, I plan to enjoy the rest of my winter break!

Author's Note: A grand "thank you" to all of the people interviewed for this article! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your break!


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