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Teleport Ashjamich

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Pheeew, I am so tired of zooming around. Who knew that if you said 'Teleport Ashjamich', you would actually get to Ashjamich! You're probably wondering what Ashjamich is . . . I mixed my name, and two of my friends names, Ashley, Michelle (1michb1) , and Jake (tacodaddy). Get it?

Now, this was just for fun, we were messing around, like saying 'Teleport KFC' and stuff like that. And when I said it, it didn't work. When Jake said it, he left. So Michelle and I tried it! It worked, we got to Ashjamich in no time!

By the way, Ashjamich is pronounced ash-ju-mitch, as I learned from the fellow citizens of Ashjamich. Of course, our friend Meagan (meagan145) wasn't with us, so I sent her an e-mail telling her how to get to Ashjamich.

It was so much like Whyville, I thought we were actually in it! But we had gone to another server, far far away. We had lots of adventures, and we still go every time we are together. But the best adventure is the one I am going to tell you now.

It was our second time being there, all of us were there . . . it was beautiful! And it still is, except the one time they almost lost the whole place but that's another story . . . Now I'm going to tell you the story about the Christmas at Ashjamich!

It was a snowy day in Ashjamich, so snowy you could make a 56-foot high snowman. Imagine that! Well, we were ready for Christmas, we had bought presents, and in the Town Square, there was a giant Christmas tree! I was so excited, I had seen 3 presents with my name on them. Of course I couldn't open them until Christmas. We had a lot of things prepared, and everything had to go according to plan, and it had to be perfect. It was a Ashjamich tradition for your first Christmas in Ashjamich to go along perfectly, or you would have ten Christmases wit bad luck. But who cares? I at least didn't. I am not superstitious. But then, I also cared about my friends, so I wanted to make this the best Ashjamich Christmas they ever had.

And it was an awesome Christmas. We ate ibeblob. It's dry, but juicy. Plain, but extraordinary, disgusting but delicious, you can't describe it well. We all had second helpings of Funkyy, and I just couldn't stop eating the Pumkpien biscuits. But the most delicious things were the spork4me cookies and the malandlog ham. Oh, so good!

The best part was the presents. It turns out Michelle got her laptop. Jake got some boxing gloves and I gave him a haircut (well, he didn't know until the next day though). Meagan got a Snuggie. And I got to meet Santa Claus! It was just like in the commercials, he has rosy cheeks and a beard (he let me pull on it, it's not fake)! Then, I met the most awesome person ever, his name is Fringle, an elf! Most of the citizens in Ashjamich are elves, with their little red and green suits and sharp ears, but they are not judgmental about others. That's what I love about it! I think everyone should be allowed in, but the mayor, Moochie, doesn't like people who don't believe enough to try, he likes us because we tried, but he is very, very judgmental about who goes in.

Maybe one Christmas, if you're good and you believe, you will get to try. Maybe, possibly, most probably.


Author's Note: More Ashjamich Adventures to continue!! Good luck finding Ashjamich! Writer's Note: Some of the weird names like spork4me, ibeblob, malandlog and Funkyy are real usernames of whyville citizens.


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