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Book Review: Perfect Chemistry

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At first when I was given this book, I didn't want to read it. I thought it was going to be boring, long and dreary. However, I was completely wrong; it turned out to be the opposite. This novel was very exciting, interesting, dazzling and romantic. After reading the first four chapters of this novel, I could not stop.

"The Perfect Chemistry" is written by Simone Elkeles who created two characters that are completely different from each other. This story is like :Romeo & Juliet", whose love was not accepted by society due to their distinction of hierarchy. The author truly captured the love and care between the protagonists.

This work of fiction is told by two different points of view, Brittany Ellis, who is Captain of the pom pom team, wealthy, smart and American. It's also told by Alejandro "Alex" Fuentes who is a Mexican gang member and whose father was killed in front of him. Brittany lives in a nice and fancy suburb up in the north side while Alex lives in the South filled with gangs, violence and shooting. All the commotion and drama begins when these two teenagers are forced to be lab partners since their Chemistry teacher gave an alphabetical seating chart.

It all takes place in Fairfield High School, where the North-siders and South-siders do not blend. This norm was broken when Alex and Brittany had an important project for Chemistry. They had to work together or else their grade would go down. Despite the differences between them, it brought them closer together. There was more than studying Chemistry going on; they started to fall in love. They saw a different side of each other, their true personalities.

Will Brittany and Alex go their separate ways, ignore their Chemistry project or transfer to a different school? Find out by reading the novel. I do not want to spoil the ending, however, I highly recommend this book for teenage boys and girls. Especially to those who read "Uglies", "Pretty Little Liars" and "Harmless".

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