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The BBS: How We Feel

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I?m sure that if you have ever been to the BBS, you know that it often gets out of hand. People make ridiculous threads, diss others, and cause riots. These issues have irked many BBSERS, and have caused some to quit. Lollie15 and I decided to ask some of the BBSERS how they felt about the issues they see nearly every day. We asked:

Do you think the BBS is getting out of control?

jHermione: Not really. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. It depends on what kind of day our BBSers are having. If it's bad, the whole BBS goes downhill. If it's good day, it goes well.
Mia1Girl: No not really.
IBeBekah: Not really. I think most of us have enough common sense to not let it go TOO far, LOL. But it isn't as fun as it used to be.
MrCowboy: Many times yes.
Rbd1fan: I don't think the BBS is getting out of hand.

If you think the BBS is out of control, what are the causes? If not, what are the causes (like the people in it, CW, etc.)

jHermione: If it is, it is the people. If it isn't it's still the people. It all depends on them.
Mia1Girl: The causes are the people need who to learn how to ignore people. It's just dumb. And then they're all stupid because they think they're going to help the world by striking and making five million posts about it.
IBeBekah: Like I said, we have enough common sense to know when to stop, but just barely.
Rbd1fan: If It was getting out of control the cause would be ignorance.

What improvements can be made in the BBS?

jHermione: Less spamming.
Mia1Girl: The people.
IBeBekah: Less drama, more respect for others.
MrCowboy: Less spamming and trolls.
Rbd1fan: I don't think it needs any improvements, it's fine the way it is.

Which of the following do you think the BBS has currently has the most of - Spammers, Times Writers, Mean people, Nice People, Helpful people, Tip givers, Threads that fit everyones' needs, Threads that have no need, Oldbies, Newbies, Funny people, Friends you've made, or Enemies you've made?

jHermione: Spammers.
Mia1Girl: Mean people, Helpful people.
IBeBekah: All of those! Except maybe the enemies one. I don't really have any enemies (that I know of) but there are people I dislike. But there are useless threads, good threads, Newbies, Oldbies, Times Writers, etc.
MrCowboy: Most surely Mean people. I made a post about one of my fave games and someone said Who cares? And when I went away for the weekend he said, "Just go dork."
Rbd1fan: I believe the BBS has a lot of diversity, from Times Writers Bbssers to Oldbies.

Which of those from the last question do you think the BBS had the most of back when it first opened/when you first used it.

jHermione: Everyone except the bad ones.
Mia1Girl: Oldbies, nice people.
IBeBekah: Oldbies, useful threads, good friends, and the occasional spammer.
MrCowboy: The BBS HAD Newbs and Oldbies that got along: like when a Newb asked a question an Oldbie didn't say Newb or anything. They helped. Newbs are people too. Treat them the way you want to be treated.
Rbd1fan: I think the BBS had plenty of Times Writers.

Do you think that a debate thread would get rid of some of the BBS's problems? Why or why not.

jHermione: No, I've noticed debate threads cause more problems.
Mia1Girl: No, it would just start more problems.
IBeBekah: No. Debate threads cause arguments, most of the time, and arguments lead to drama, and drama leads to hate . . . usually. There have been plenty of debate threads in the past. They usually end up unresolved with a couple people hating each other.
MrCowboy: No comment.
Rbd1fan: A debate thread would not solve BBS problems, it would just cause a lot of commotion, drama, argument and fighting. However, we are able to express our concern and freedom of speech in BBS.

Do you think people start unneeded problems?

jHermione: Yes, a lot of them. Those are what mainly ruin the BBS.
Mia1Girl: YES. Like all those stupid people are like, "ZOMG we need to be nicer on here" and like I said make like 357239857 posts about it.
IBeBekah: Yes. Spammers, trolls, and haters for one.
MrCowboy: Indeed I do. Like this one person was making stuff up and people were trying to help her and others fought about it.
Rbd1fan: It all depends on the individual if he or she wants to begin a problem.

Do you think that the BBS should be more filtered?

jHermione: It seems fine right now, but maybe later.
Mia1Girl: Yeah.
IBeBekah: No. I don't think language/innuendo causes a problem, though some may find it offensive . . .
MrCowboy: Filters are nice but if sometimes people want to use chat speak then it should be granted.
Rbd1fan: BBS should not be more filtered we still find ways to write unauthorized words.

If you were new to Whyville, what would your impression be of the BBS?

jHermione: Actually shocked because of how it is and the people on it.
Mia1Girl: I'd like all the drama.
IBeBekah: Either "These people are crazy", "This looks like fun", or "I need to get out of here". LoL.
MrCowboy: If I was new to Whyville the BBS would be a little scary because of trolls spammers and wrongdoing of any kind. But I would speak up.
Rbd1fan: If I were new to Whyville and discovered BBS, I would be, "What is this place?"

Do you like or dislike the BBS? Why or why not.

jHermione: I like it all the time, but it just needs a few improvements.
Mia1Girl: I love it. The drama is actually entertaining and it's kind of addicting because of witch hunts, potter hunts, etc. Plus the people on it are nice.
IBeBekah: I like it in general. There are fun people on there, and I think useful threads outnumber useless threads now. I don't like the drama that happens there, but otherwise, I like the BBS.
MrCowboy: I enjoy the BBS because we can talk about most things that teens, kids, etc talk about but as I said before the BBS has become a bit out of hand.
Rbd1fan: I like BBS, it's a place where people give valuable tips, help and opinions.

Thank you so much to jhermione, Mia1Girl, IBeBeckah, MrCowboy, and Rbd1fan for answering our questions! We really appreciate it!


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