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2010 Forever

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Everyday I wake up, I know it's a new day
But when I woke up in 2011, it didn't feel like a new year

With the Christmas decorations slowly fading
And all the new presents cluttering my room
And still the glare of the Christmas lights when we're sitting at the table
It can't possibly be 2011

And the stockings are still hung
At least let me go back about a week
Can't we just let Santa come once more
Christmas when by too fast

When I write the date on my papers
I always write 2010
I don't care that it's a new year
I can just say I accidentally wrote the wrong date

I can't seem to find all my lost time in 2010
Some of the most amazing things happened last year
So I can't let it go
I'm holding it tight
But a little too tight

Why can't we just let it be 2010 all over again
I don't see the problem with having the same year twice
Why can't all those amazing events
Just let me live through them one more time

And if it's 2010 forever
It could never be 2012
So the world wouldn't ever end

Happy new year, everyone
Happy 2010. . . or 2011 if you dare


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