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Thank You

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When I learned the meaning of "betrayal"
you taught me the meaning of "trust."
When I found out I was moving
you were right there, crying with me.
Even after all these years, our friendship stays true,
so thank you, Erin, thank you.

In just ten simple words, you saved my life.
You've caused so many problems for me
in just two short years.
You've ruined my self-esteem.
But you made me friends when I was new,
so thank you, Vicky, thank you.

When I decided I'd never care about anyone,
I met you and that changed.
When I had an embarrassing secret,
I told you and you kept it.
You changed my life when I saw everything in blue,
so thank you, Aurora, thank you.

Not once when I was upset
have you failed to cheer me up.
When I say something too hurtful,
you let me know in your own way.
You watched A Very Potter Musical, parts one and two,
so thank you, Antonia, thank you.

You annoy me to no end sometimes,
but you always make me laugh.
We have a love-hate relationship,
from murderous glares to a heart made out of hands.
You add variety to my life, right on cue,
so thank you, Tara, thank you.


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