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An Honor

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The countless hours of sitting in front of my computer. All the minutes typing away on my keyboard. The endless emails I sent to the Times Editor. The many pieces I composed. I've sat in front of my computer for over a year now, typing and creating stories to share with the world of Whyville. With you. I've had good and bad times on here, but one thing remained a solid rock for me. One thing kept me coming back.

The Times.

My obsession. My love. My interest. Writing. Seeing other people's writing. Helping other writers just like they help me. It's truly something you can't really describe. It's almost like magic. When you see your name up there on the front page, you really think, 'Wow.' Even if you've been up there four million times before, it's still a quite a buzz.

There are so many talented people on this web site. So many writers with such potential. They will go far, I'm sure. Their careers in the Times are surely going to last for a while. Mine did, for a time. Today is the Times Awards. The annual congregation of writers and fans alike to see who will win an award for their hard work and dedication to the Times in the past year.

It's such an honor to know that I've been nominated. It's an honor to believe that you really think that highly of me. That even though I've been up and down, you still want me to be nominated. It's just flooring. And so, so gratifying.

Thank you so much, Whyville. For everything. You've really taught me a few things. About the world, and myself. I never knew my life would take a turn for the better. But it sure did, thanks to all the amazing people out here.

So while I am still going to be writing, it is no longer going to be on here. It is with deep regret and sadness that I resign from the Times and Whyville. You've all changed me so much. I'm going to miss this. Seeing my work up there. Seeing everyone else's work up there. But it is time for me to move on.

It's been an honor writing with you.



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