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The After Party: Part 3

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My eyes fluttered open. What I saw made me want to shut them and go back to the pool of black. It was calming, the blackness made nothing seem real. Of course what my eyes were seeing didn't either. Damon was sitting there petrified, rocking back and forth, hands wrapped around his knees, mumbling words to himself. Nathan lay there with eyes staring wide open at the ceiling. Not blinking. Not breathing. All I saw was blood. I felt the cold steel in my hands and couldn't believe it. "Did I do it?" I said softly to Damon.

"No, the soul that took over you did." He said, but he didn't sound all there.

"Do, do we know who it was? Why they did it?"

"Well, it was Katlyn, so she's obviously dead too. Here, watch the tape." He gave it to me and went back to muttering to himself.

The tape showed me saying that Katlyn was being controlled, she would've never betrayed us, but she knew how to get Aednat back, they needed a sacrifice. Then I lunged and killed Nathan. Tears were spilling down my face at a rapid pace now. "But where's Aednat if this really worked?"

"She was only banished, not dead. Nathan should be alive. To really get Aednat back we have to do his plan. Did he tell you?"

"Well, yes, but it's a tad bit complicated. Is," I had to take a breath to clam myself, "is there any way to get him back?"

He paused, like he didn't want to tell me the news. "I don't think so. I'm sorry."

"Everyone just keeps leaving in a horrible way. When will this ever end?!" I sobbed. That snapped Damon out of his "helpless" mode and back into his normal "I need to help the helpless" mode. He got up swiftly and whipped a few tears from his face.

"We'll get through this," he promised. "Somehow, I don't know how, but we will. Grab that book, it's been helping us, maybe it has something."

I needed someone stable in my life. I didn't know Damon well enough, so I'd do anything to get my friend back. It was like Fate just wanted me to live a horrible, lonely life. But I wasn't going to let some Fate control my life. I would make my own future. I grabbed the book and we got to work.


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