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Run: Part 3

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The person had heard me! I dived behind a tree until I realized what I did. I almost burst into tears but didn't for my sake.

"Who's there?!" The voice called out once more. What the voice didn't know was that I wasn't dumb enough to call out again.

I heard footsteps coming closer to my hiding spot. I didn't take my chance - at all. My UGGs almost fell off of my feet as I leaped up, running away quickly, with my footprints smashing into the snow. I leaped farther each step, maybe it would confuse the person. Heck, I didn't even stop when my UGGs fell off - I had no time. Soon, I was on the road with the park in sight. However I kept running. My socks were soaked in the puddles of the damp, cold, hard street . . . I still kept running.

I pushed through the door of the cafe. I hadn't noticed it was sunrise. Everyone was hugging each other calling out, "Happy New Year!"

"Lillian, New Year brings new trouble." A fairly large man said.

"Now come with me." His voice sounded so familiar but I ignored him and walked out quickly, My head down. I heard footsteps behind me.

"Lily, Come with me."


"Are you always this stubbor-"

I ran, faster and faster, gaining speed with each step. Who was he? Also, why did EVERYONE know my name now? What was next? Paparazzi?! 'Sheesh.' I thought stubbornly. I slowed down but soon I whipped around and he was there, with 1 other man.

Soon, I was harshly grabbed and pulled into a truck. I opened my mouth to yell at them, but a pill was stuck in my big stupid mouth. I spit it out harshly. "WHAT THE-"

He glared at me. He stuck another one in my mouth, and its bitter taste hit me like a bullet.

"SWALLOW!" He ordered sternly. Who was he?


"Swallow lillian." He ordered.

"No. What is it anyway?"

"Candy." He said rolling his eyes.

"Candy?" I said, tasting it a bit more, and swallowing. I felt dumbfounded. I clutched my stomach in utter pain as he laughed harshly. I doubled over in pain, holding my mouth from screeching blood and puke. I grimaced, and soon enough, the ground rose to meet me, and it all went black.

I walked through utter blackness, staring around me. I was walking no where, doing nothing, in . . . oh yeah, no where!

Footsteps sounded over mine. Who the heck was there? "Lily come here. Now."

I couldn't see anyone but I followed the voice. Soon enough I came to a shadowy figure. It was a boy. He was tall, with black hair. He was a bit slinky.

"Who are YOU?" I asked, backing away.

"Your conscience." He rolled his eyes in sarcasm.

I glared a second and then loosened my tense.

"But anyways, ARE YOU AN IDIOT?!" He hissed to me.


"You dew-dawdling in your head randomly while your body is lying limp. Protect the 'Fortune' stupid! Don't give in!!" He said, as if I were dumb.

He probably thought I was. What the heck was the fortune?

He rolled his eyes.

"Do you NOT know?" He read my mind.

"No." I said. Before he could answer I woke up. I was tied . . . to a chair.

"Stupid people." I slipped through the rope easily. Guess they AREN'T stupid. I was in a room with a locked door, and no window. Still pretty stupid of them, I smirked reaching into my pocket for my pocket knife. It didn't seem to be there. Stupid smarty. That wasn't the only thing missing. So was my necklace, and my chain, and my locket . . . also missing seemed to be my bracelet.

"YOU IDIOT!" The voice echoed in my head.


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