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If you go into chat rooms often, you know it is nearly impossible to go a day without seeing someone say, "BC AT MARS!" or "GO TO EVERGREEN FOR A 1K BC!" Beauty Contests are everywhere, and gain much popularity among citizens of both genders. Mostly everyone has gone to at least one "BC" (beauty contest) in their Whyville existence, and there is a bit of controversy going on about whether or not they lift citizens up or bring them down. I interviewed five BC-goers who are willing to share their opinions on these classy - yet sometimes trashy contests.

I asked these questions:

Kittieme: Are you against Beauty Contests or for them? Explain your reasoning.

Macey117: I'm against beauty contest because it isn't fair to judge people on how they look on the outside.
Doodles: Yes, I am against the beauty contests that take part in Whyville. Many people may have nice avatars, but it's unfair to judge them on their pixel appearance, and not to hear their story. Under the designs on their avatar, there could be an amazing girl or boy. Everyone deserves a chance. I have only entered them when I could really use clams. Otherwise, I turn my nose up to them.
Sissikins: It all depends on the host. I am against the beauty contest if the host is being impolite or scamming. I am for them if the host plays fair and square. Also, I am for them if they really give you the prize they promise you.
Laniyah: I am kind of torn between the two because some of the hosts don't like my avatar's skin color while others are not caring about the skin color. I guess I am for them, but it just depends on who is the host.
RachiexX: I'm not entirely against them but I'm not entirely for them either. BCs are things I do when I need clams or wouldn't mind the extra clams. I don't really see a huge problem with them but it is a little offensive when someone you don't really know tells you your avatar doesn't look good when you have put effort into it and thought it did.

Kittieme: Do you find that judging people only on their pixels is fair?

Macey117: No because you don't really know the real them just what they look like.
Doodles: No, I do not think that is fair, at all, really. Like I said before, they have a story; everyone does. Your new best friend could be that exact person, yet you turn them away without a second thought because their "hair" is not to your fancy.
Sissikins: Once again it depends on the host. If the host is saying rude things about your pixels, that isn't very fair. If they are kind and don't make a big deal about it I do not see anything wrong with it.
Laniyah: No. Newcomers never really win till they are a few months into Whyville and get the swing of things. They never really get a chance to win beauty contests. And you can refer back to question 1 about the skin thing.
RachiexX: It really isn't entirely fair but I guess it does judge the creativity more so of the person considering they put time into making their avatar. But some people fall for mainstream looks, rather than unique and that's what is wrong with the judging of a BC. Also, a lot of judges can be biased if their friends decide to join their BC.

Kittieme: Do you ever host Beauty Contests?

Macey117: No because I think they are unfair.
Doodles: I have, yes, hosted Beauty Contests, but only for fun, and to give everyone a chance. You can find beauty in anyone. I believe Beauty Contests should be also based on the personality.
Sissikins: I have only hosted about 2-3. I haven't hosted more than that because I don't have a prize that pleases most Whyvillians, I can never get a lot of people to come, and sometimes people can get offended by them.
Laniyah: Yes I have hosted multiple beauty contests.
RachiexX: Rarely ever. People always want a hefty prize that I'm not really willing to give out on a regular basis.

Kittieme: What do you find common Beauty Contests lack?

Macey117: I think beauty contests lack fair judges.
Doodles: Common Beauty Contests severely lack fairness. It's wrong to be judged upon an animated appearance. Why can't we see the inside, too?
Sissikins: They lack many things. They lack fun. Beauty contests can be really stressful and chaotic. They lack the feeling of being secure. If someone promises to you that if you win you get 10k and you don't get it that just isn't fair.
Laniyah: Uhm. Well if there are themed BCs then no one has ever made a "be yourself" theme or an "express your true colors" so maybe they should have those as a theme.
RachiexX: I think beauty contests should focus on personality as well and people should explain why their avatar looks the way they do. That way they can explain their unique ideas and you can judge better that way.

Kittieme: Is there anything you would change about most Beauty Contests?

Macey117: Maybe they could have questions about your personality.
Doodles: I wish Beauty Contests were never scams, and every single person had a fair chance at winning. Everyone is the same inside; we all have a heart.
Sissikins: There are many things that I would change but if there was one thing it would be to make a place to make the beauty contest a secure deal. It could kind of be like the Soma Studios. You go up to the podium and choose the amount of clams the prize is. Then at the end Whyville automatically takes that amount of money from you and gives it to the winner.
Laniyah: Yes I would change it by letting there be a "be yourself theme" and maybe even try to give everyone some clams just for participating.
RachiexX: Just for people to be a little more unbiased and judge more on personality and ask questions. That way you can find out someone's beauty inside and out.

Kittieme: Do you see bullying in Beauty Contests?

Macey117: Yes.
Doodles: Yes, I do, frequently. Children and teens among Whyville like to mock the so-called "newbs" and the "ugly". They would laugh, or call them ugly themselves, which could quite simply crush their hopes and dreams. Can people not remember that there are adolescent children, younger than thirteen, online here? I started on a previous account when I was only seven. I had quit for a while because I was upset with people cyber-bullying me. Now, I have become more mature, and I step in front of those who tell me to burn in a fire alive, because it has happened. I have haters, although they have no idea who I am. Beauty contests do not help this situation. This can lead to depression and suicide. It is fairly uncommon, but yes, it could.
Sissikins: I have seen a lot of bullying. Sometimes people make fun of your look.
Laniyah: No, I haven't seen any bullying and that's probably because if I do see I would kick the bullier out of the contest.
RachiexX: There can be some bullying in BCs. If newbs come around and their look isn't great and say the judge thought they were a good person so they picked them, people would start making comments like "This is a newb contest!" or "She's ugly why'd you pick her?!" so yeah those comments should stop.

Kittieme: Do you have any last words on Beauty Contests?

Macey117: I think they should change and they are unreasonable.
Doodles: I think Beauty Contests should be fair and judge people, inside and out. Look at what the world has come to. Let's spread the love. Maybe, we can make a difference in the world, despite the same effort in it. It only takes a little.
Sissikins: No further comments.
Laniyah: They are fun for the most part and you can make friends during them and you should just enjoy them even if you don't win.
RachiexX: Not really. The only thing I want to say is just for people to be themselves and not just make themselves look better just because some BC judge thought you didn't look good. If you think you look good then stick with it.

Thank you so much to Macey117, Doodles, Sissikins, Laniyah, and RachiexX for being willing to answer my questions. I learned a lot about what the average BC-goers had to say about them, and they have inspired me to look at peoples' avatars in a deeper way. Everyone is a person no matter what their avatar looks like, and they should be treated like one.


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