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A Word to the Wise

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Wow! It feels like forever ago I was sitting on my little Dell laptop every week with three hundred ideas for articles fluttering around in my head for the next Times edition. I remember I'd sit there and write like it was an involuntary response. I knew almost every grammar and punctuation rule in the book and I felt like a champion when somebody reviewed my article on the BBS. "This isn't a super long hiatus," I wrote in my last article "This Isn't the End". Psh, boy was I wrong.

It's been seven months since I sat down at my computer and wrote for the Times. Now, I'm using a big bad Macbook instead of my old little Dell. My English average is now my lowest and my Math is one of my highest! Can you believe that? Heck, before I started this article I had to Google when to properly use "to"! My novel work in class was poor and I barely read over the summer.

I was determined to find the source of this problem, which was fairly easy. I stopped writing for the Whyville Times. I stopped the BBS, where I learned to strengthen my debating skills. And what bothers me the most is that I didn't stick to my word. It was too long of a hiatus and for that I regret.

So, today in class taking my English test, I decided enough was enough. I wanted to get back on the top and start writing again. I want to bring happiness and thought to people's day. I'm on the second book of Harry Potter and I'm starting to narrate my adventures in my head. I don't want any of you to make the mistake of "taking breaks from writing." Reading and writing bring creativity, fun and not to mention knowledge to your brain. You have the power to manipulate someone's emotions for the time being.

Your vocabulary will grow and and so will your grades. They say math is in everything but hey, so is literature! Practice makes perfect, don't get frustrated because you can't think of an award winning piece on your first try. Writing will help you get through some of your toughest times. You have the power to create your own world, character, time and even poke fun at things. I know I sound cheesy but I really regret leaving the Times for that long. Writing is a part of me and I've even discovered what I want to be when I grow up through it.

Just take my advice and never give up. Send your first article in the Times this week and if you don't make it this time, get back up and write again. Don't ever quit.

Write on . . .
~ Watermel8

Author's Note: My regular articles will be starting up again and I will continue to share experience, tell story and give advice for as long as possible. Thank you for reading and supporting me through the time I've started. I genuinely appreciate it.


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