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One on One With Kittieme

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Hello there, people of Whyville! I am starting a new interview series where I interview notable Whyvillians. This week was the Times Awards, so I felt it appropriate to interview the person with the most awards . . . Kittieme!

DeadSnaii: At the recent Times Awards, you won 5 awards! How do you feel about winning them?
Kittieme: I feel extremely honored to win the awards. I honestly didn't think I would win them.

DeadSnaii: Where do you get your inspirations for writing different types of articles?
Kittieme: I look at things that happen in my life and in my friends' lives and I reflect on them. I then decide to write on something. If I don't have enough passion or purpose in an article, I might stop in the middle. It just depends on the topic and what I'm writing about.

DeadSnaii: How long have you been writing for the Times? How many articles have you written?
Kittieme: I've only been writing for the Times for about a year. I've written a total of 66 articles.

DeadSnaii: As we all know, there are the writers that will go down in WhyHistory such as BabyPowdr, Holiday50, and ps2man1. Do you consider yourself to be in this "group"? Why or why not?
Kittieme: I don't consider myself to be a part of this group because the writers you mentioned are incredibly talented and have written so many articles. I am still relatively new at this and though I hope someday I will be in that group, I feel I am far from it at this point in time.

That were some interesting answers, Kittieme! Tune in next week to find out who I will have a one-on-one interview with. It might just be you!


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