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The Eternal Ones: Its Best Features

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"The Eternal Ones," by Kirsten Miller, is the story of a girl named Haven who has visions of a girl name Constance. Constance looks, sounds, and thinks just like Haven; it's as if they are the same person. Everyone in town thinks Haven, who blacks out every time she has a vision of Constance, is possessed by some sort of evil. That's when Haven decides to seek the truth behind her visions, a mysterious boy named Ethan she sees in the dreams, and the baffling, almost identical Constance. Exciting words and realistic characters make 'The Eternal Ones" a flawless read.

Word choice is a key part of this story. With many descriptive words, sensory imagery is a great way to get into the story. Colorful words like "pleading" and "tittered" paint realistic pictures in your head.

Another part of this story that the author does well is adding suspense. Word choice, like I mentioned before, not only helps sensory imagery, but adds suspense.

Another great part is foreshadowing. While using this tool well, Kirsten Miller added suspense into every chapter. In the back of your mind you know what's going to happen, but everything catches you off-guard.

The character descriptions are excellent in "The Eternal Ones". For example, when the author describes Haven's friend, Beau, she says: "He rose to his full six-foot-four and offered Haven a wicked grin, unaware he was only inches away from getting scalped by the ceiling fan." You can almost see what the author writes by the way the characters and settings are described.

The last point that Kirsten Miller did well was creating realistic characters. Haven sounds like someone you would meet walking down the street. Beau and another character Iain also seem like people you would meet in real life. The way the characters are described and how they act seem very realistic.

Word choice, suspense, character descriptions, and realistic people all help make "The Eternal Ones" an amazing story. I would recommend this novel to anyone who loves suspense and endless thrill!


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