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Interview with Akbar's Designers

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Have you ever wondered how designers make such amazing parts out of tiny, little pixels on a computer? Or do you ever try to design something as good as some of the popular parts we see in Akbar's? Well, worry no further. I'm here to answer your questions! So for this week, I have chosen a few designers from Akbar's to answer some questions.

Rain15133: How do you think of the ideas for your designs?

DeadSnaiI: I think of most of my ideas by using my creative mind. All of the others come from requests, shows, movies, or something similar.
stELtrain: Sometimes I get inspiration from different websites, celebrities, people I see on the street or sometimes I just start designing something and come up with my own ideas along the way from my imagination.
marveIous: Normally I just design things I have or things I've seen in the media. It's evident Lady Gaga is my inspiration.
Ducky464: I always think of hairdos, shirts and stuff that I want in real life. So I just make stuff up on here. I guess I draw whatever I see in my mind ( but not a lot of the shirts I want in real life, though, because they rarely get accepted).
iCouture: I look at pictures in fashion magazines and I watch "America's Next Top Model" and "Project Runway" where I get a lot of ideas for my designs. Also if I am at the mall and get an idea based on something I see, I will snap a picture with my phone.

Rain15133: Are your designs requests from people, or are they your own?

DeadSnaiI: About 95 percent of my designs are on my own. I don't get very many requests, so I have to think of something!
stELtrain: Almost always my own. I don't get a lot of motivation to start designs that people have requested, because usually I make designs specifically because I want them.
marveIous: Mostly my own, I rarely do requests.
Ducky464: My own.
iCouture: I never turn down someone if they request something specific but I mostly make parts I want or that I think others want to see.

Rain15133: Do you remake parts, if so, what do you think about remakers?

DeadSnaiI: No, I don't remake parts. I do admit, though, every once in a while, I use the base of an object (hair), but I never make it the same or even a little the same.
stELtrain: I don't remake. I think it's stupid and I can't believe more people don't understand why remaking is so annoying to a designer. I don't think anyone likes their ideas stolen whether it's online, in school, at home or wherever in life it may happen.
marveIous: Definitely not, I have once or twice ages ago just because of a harmless feud with someone.
Ducky464: No. I think remakers are just greedy for clams so they use other people's art for profit. They just don't admit to it.
iCouture: There was a part I wanted and it was super rare and cost over a million clams to buy from the Oldbies, so I remade it and made it available to everyone again. Other than that my parts are all original.

Rain15133: How long does it usually take for you to design your parts?

DeadSnaiI: Since I've become a lot better, it usually only takes me about 3 minutes to design a shirt now. It used to take me about 10 so I'm just guessin' but I think that's an achievement!
stELtrain: It depends if I have the time to do it in one sitting or not. Usually a hair or larger item takes an hour or so. Again, it really depends on the detail that's going into it.
marveIous: Depends on what I'm designing, girl hairs and girl shirts generally take longer than boy items.
Ducky464: I don't like to spend any more than 10-15 minutes on a part. If I want to make something really nice, though, I will spend roughly 30 minutes on it.
iCouture: Anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours depending on how complicated and intricate the part is.

Rain15133: What advice/tips could you give to first time starting designers?

DeadSnaiI: My advice would be to never give up. Carpe diem - seize the day.
stELtrain: Don't expect your ideas to perfectly translate into a design. Try starting with something basic, then move to a part with more detail and complexity. Try starting with a plain colored base, and shading using several shades lighter and darker than the base color you chose.
marveIous: Be innovative, creative, imaginative and marvelous. Don't send something in if you yourself wouldn't wear it, because then it's just taking up space in Akbar's. Ducky464: Don't remake . . . it destroys your reputation right off the bat. Also, take your jolly old time. You will spend over an hour to make a design look the way you want it for the first few times, but never doubt yourself. Everybody has the potential to make a good face part! Best of luck to new and aspiring designers out there!
iCouture: Start with something small, and get bigger and more complicated from there. Also practice shadowing and outlining whenever possible by just doodling. It's not hard to design, but you do need patience.

Thank you so much to stELtrain, marvelous, Ducky464, and iCouture for willing to answer these questions. You were all so nice and kind! I encourage everyone to check out their designs in Akbar's, and if you have any more questions I'm sure they wouldn't mind answering some.


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