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I can't go an entire day without listening to music. Every morning before school I go in my room with my iPod and crank up my favorite songs. After school I go to work on homework and my ear buds are in as I listen to the hundreds of songs on shuffle. Most teens have the same kind of music. Pop, rock, alternative, rap, that kind of thing. You see mine and it's a little different.

Yes, I have the classic Eminem raps and Taylor Swift's love songs but when you look under the surface I have different kinds of music. Some of my favorite songs are from singers that don't live in America. They are still some of the same pop music, but there are other genres too such as techno and electronic. Some of these musicians live in different cites and countries located in Europe. Today I will write about three of my favorite international bands and artists.

Mika: I was introduced to this artist when I was about eleven. I had made an account on Whyville, but rarely used it. Back then I was big in blogging and knew a lot of other bloggers. One of my best friends was a guy with the screen name Kimi07. He was two years older than me and lived in England. One of his favorite singers was Mika. I listened to a song he featured on his blog called "Lollipop" and instantly I fell in love with the music.

Mika is a singer who now lives in London. The genera of most of his songs is pop. He has two albums out named My Life in Cartoon Motion and The Boy Who Knew Too Much. I have about five songs from each album. Some of my articles have even been inspired by him such as "I See You" which is based from a song with the same name, and "Mr. Mister" a poem which is based from the song "Blame It On the Girls".

Daft Punk: I first heard this band when I was into making flip notes from the DSI's flip note studio. I was twelve and not really active in Whyville. I watched a lot of flip notes and one day I came across one to the song "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger". After I heard that I went on to iTunes and bought that song along with three others. Today I have twenty of their songs on my iPod.

Daft Punk lives in Paris, France. They are mostly a techno electronic kind of band. Not many people that are like me tend to listen to them, but they are very good. They have over ten albums with more to come. So far my favorite songs by them are either "Something About Us" or "Veridis Quo'. Sometimes just listening to the rhythm of those songs helps me write poems or people articles.

Seal: This is the newest thing I have listened to. Just a couple weeks ago I was on YouTube listening to music. I was listening to a pop song which I don't remember the name of and then the suggestions come up. The video "Crazy" by Seal comes on and I listen to it. I normally never watch the videos, I just hear the songs, but for that time I watched the amazing music video. That is what got me hooked.

This artist also lives in London, England just like Mika and is also out with mostly pop music. Seal has around fifteen albums out and still counting. My favorite song by far is the very first one I heard "Crazy". I love the message of it. Every verse is meaningful. It has inspired my most recent poem "Only Children" by just one verse and it will inspire more things to come.

Now that you have heard of some of my favorite international artists, go out and listen to them. Even if they aren't your type of music it's good to try something new. You can also look for international music that has some of the things you like. It's always good to expand yourself.

Off to listen "Crazy" for the two hundred twenty eighth time,


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