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Life is precious. It really, really is.

I know you've heard it before - life is beautiful, don't take it for granted. It's parroted at you so often that you stop listening - or maybe you just stop caring.

I'm saying I know this because I am this way. I complain about going to school. I complain about my friends. I complain when I don't get what I want.

So you go through your life and you're mildly discontent until something stops you in your tracks and leaves you struggling to breathe.

Today, in the midst of second hour, the announcement system switched on. The voice that we'd heard delivering announcements a million times began to speak, slowly.

We all knew what it was about, but all of us listened. Later, someone accurately described it as being like a train wreck - you couldn't close your ears and even if you could have, you would still hear it.

"Attention, students and staff. This last night we received some tragic news. Ally X (Name obviously changed) passed away late last night as the result of complications from a car crash late last week."

We'd all heard about Ally one way or another - there were pages for her on social networking sites, a candle lighting planned for her, and an air of apprehension in the air that you could almost taste. She was that girl that was everybody's friend.

That's when the first girl in our class started crying. And still, the voice went on.

"I've struggled with what to say about this. Ally was truly a star for everyone that knew her. All I keep coming back to is that there was no reason for this. There's never a reason for someone so young to have life stolen from them. I know many of you will be angry or sad. Just know that it is okay to cry. It is okay to laugh. Ally loved to laugh, so she would tell you the same thing."

It was about then that I felt the prickling behind my eyes. I clenched my jaw against something that I knew I couldn't fight. I had to try - I hadn't cried in school since fifth grade.

The voice kept going for a few more minutes, ending with a moment of silence for our fallen friend.

We were given the rest of the hour to talk about Ally, to remember, and to cry.

I'd met Ally once, at auditions for drama club. She'd shared her audition packet with me and helped me shake off my nerves. I attributed my place in the school play to her.

When I remembered that, I started crying too. I wasn't the only one. I've never seen our school so unified and I've never seen any group of people so absolutely sad.

My principal was right. It's tragic when someone so young loses their life. It still seems so senseless. I just keep thinking that she had dreams. She probably knew where she wanted to go to college - now she won't ever have the chance. She had a boyfriend - she won't ever kiss him again. She'll never get to see her little brother grow up or get a job or even go to her senior prom.

And more than that, I come back, time and time again, to how precious life is.

I didn't know Ally very well at all. I won't ever get the chance to. But everything I've heard about her told me that she was kind, respectful, funny, and sweet. She sang, acted and painted. She loved her pets and her friends. She sounds like the type of person that loved life.

Why can't I be the same? After all, next time we have a moment of silence, it could be for me or someone I love. It's time we grab life and start living.

Whyvillians, I CANNOT stress this enough. Next time you see your parents or your best friend, tell them you love them. Give them a hug. Be there for someone that needs it. Laugh every day and live without regrets. Do it for me. Do it for yourselves.

Do it for Ally.

Sims2girl, out.

Author's Note: Ally, if somehow you're reading this, know that you're in our hearts. You won't be forgotten.


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