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Hello, this is nikki8481 and this is my first interview. I will be interviewing people about their favorite books. The people I interviewed were luigibro2 and star6291.

Nikki8481: So, what is your favorite book?

Luigibro2: "Blood on the River"
Star6291: This is hard but I'd say "House Rules" by Jodi Picoult.

Nikki8481: What is the book about?

Luigibro2: The book is about a boy named Sam who is chosen to go to the new world.
Star6291: The book is about a boy named Jacob with aspergers who is charged with the murder of his tutor.

Nikki8481: What is the genre of book: fictional, historical, etc.?

Luigibro2: The book type is historical fiction.
Star6291: Fictional.

Nikki8481: What do you like about the book?

Luigibro2: I like it because the author used great dialogue and I'm in love with history.
Star6291: I like this book because you're never sure what's going to happen.

Nikki8481: Would you recommend this book to other people?

Luigibro2: I would recommend it to other people who are learning about Jamestown. I fell in love with it when I read the first three pages. In the beginning it's scary [just a little] because you don't expect the author to start a story like that.
Star6291: YES!

That is it and next time you go to a book store remember to check out these two books, "Blood on the River" and "House Rules". I probably will buy those books!


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