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Environment: Are We Ruining It?

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Hello, dxdxdxdx here. This week's topic is about the environment: are we ruining it? I went around and asked a few Whyvillians for their opinions.

dxdxdxdx: Do you think that human activities are affecting the environment in a negative way?

Kittieme: I believe that some activities are.
Alivia295: Definitely. Something as simple as turning on our car affects the environment's health, by releasing greenhouse gases. Cars are some of the main reasons for our air pollution.
Nikki8481: Yes I do.
Amanda: Absolutely. Many human activities are affecting the environment and if we don't improve our ways there will soon be no healthy environment!

dxdxdxdx: What kind of human actions harm the environment?

Kittieme: I think that littering and incorrect waste disposal affect it the most.
Alivia295: Oh all kinds of activities. Factories dump their waste products and chemicals all the time into bodies of water. We are also depleting our amount of resources that cannot be renewed. Cutting down the woodsy area to build a house isn't all that good for the environment either.
Nikki8481: Littering, smoking, chopping down to many trees, and drilling too much in areas that shouldn't be drilled in.
Amanda: I think that the majority of human actions harm the environment. It's just a matter for cutting down these actions, as we obviously can't cut out all of our daily activities. Driving, lack of recycling are just a few human actions that greatly harm the environment.

dxdxdxdx: Are you concerned for the environment and the organisms in the environment?

Kittieme: To tell you the truth, I am not all that concerned for it because "global warming" and such theories have been around for a long time, and the world is still beautiful.
Alivia295: Yeah. Obviously, if we cut down the strip of land to build a coffee shop, then where are all the animals in that habitat supposed to go?
Nikki8481: Yes, I am concerned because what if those things I listed in question #2 never stopped? Then, all sorts of things would be happening and both environment and organisms would suffer.
Amanda: I am concerned, but am not that well educated on the impact our actions have on the environment. I think that if governments educated the public more on potential outcomes if we continue with our bad habits, then we would pay more attention to how we treat the environment and it's living organisms.

dxdxdxdx: Do you think humans will stop and think about what they're doing?

Kittieme: I think that some humans will, but many will not.
Alivia295: I think they have improved a little bit in that light, all kinds of eco-friendly organizations are going on right now. Friends For Change, is just one example. I have seen lot of kids make a difference and it's really inspiring.
Nikki8481: No, I don't think humans will stop and realize what they're doing. The reason why is because there are selfish people out in this world that don't even realize what they do can harm others. All they want is what they want and nothing else.
Amanda: A select few will, but the majority won't. People don't know enough about the subject. Educating the public is a vital asset in eliminating the damage we are imposing on the environment.

dxdxdxdx: Do you want to help the environment? If so, what would you do to help?

Kittieme: I'm not an environmentalist or anything, but if I see litter I'll pick it up. It just bugs me.
Alivia295: There are lots of simple things we can do to help. Planting a tree, or recycle our soda bottles. When you go to the grocery store, instead of using the plastic bags, why not use reusable shopping bags. One of the easiest things you could do, is only take what you need when eating.
Nikki8481: I would like to help the environment and here is what I would do, join a team that helps pick up litter, make a club that plants, trees, flowers, etc. and I would make another club to help people realize what they do can affect or harm the environment in many ways.
Amanda: I would love to help the environment! After all, it's what we live in. I would start by undertaking all of the daily tasks that are recommended by officials, may it be recycling, limiting the degrees on the air conditioner, short showers etc. It's their call.

dxdxdxdx: Do you think it's possible that animals can start becoming extinct due to these actions?

Kittieme: I think that animals won't really go extinct due to their mass populations and the fact that endangered species are so protected.
Alivia295: Sure, why couldn't that happen? Hunting or fishing without regulations or restrictions definitely cause extinction.
Nikki8481: Yes, I do believe animals are becoming extinct due to these actions, because you never know what an animal could find in litter, and if it's something bad it could kill them.
Amanda: Absolutely. I believe it's happening already. In the long term if we do not adequately stop our bad actions, animals will inevitably become extinct.

Obviously, there are lots of varied opinions on this among the Whyville citizens. I give a special thanks to Kittieme, Alivia295, Nikki8481 and Amanda for contributing their time to answer my questions, and put great thought into them.

It looks like overall, people are starting to realize that the actions of humans are starting to damage the environment. You may not be able to see it, but it is there. Some people choose to believe that there is nothing wrong, and that they don't have to recycle, or save water. But others are trying their hardest to recycle, save water and electricity, and prevent pollution. Think about it, what we're doing can't possibly be good for the environment. Every bottle recycled, or every gallon of water saved means something for the world, no matter how small. The smallest efforts can make the biggest differences!

Thanks for reading!


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